Monday, December 22, 2008


OK, I feel deprived. I feel cheated. Why didn't vtech products exist when I was a kid? Of course when I was a kid toys with batteries were few and far between. Transistors had just been introduced and computer chips were more science fiction than science.

Oh well, so it goes. Kids nowadays have a advantage in learning, especially if their parents are smart enough to buy them vtech products.

Here's three new vtech products that any kid will love. They're fun, hi-tech and making learning a snap.

First up is the Kidizoom Camera. This is no kiddie camera. Kids can take photos and movies (yes I said movies) anywhere. A built-in automatic flash fires when lighting conditions are poor and a SD Memory Card can be purchased for the camera if more than 16MB camera memory is needed.

The Camera is built to last with high impact plastic, rounded edges, surface flush buttons, a recessed full-color screen and firm grip extended grips and viewer. The lens is recessed and the view ports are covered by thick clean plastic. Drop it and it still works. It's perfect for kids.

Beside taking photos and movies, kids can also play games on it with additional game packs available. Three games come with the camera as do two interchangeable faceplates.

A special CD comes with photo editing capabilities, a wrist strap is included along with a A/V cable for TV connection and a USB cable for PC connection.

You can edit your photos, add graphics and frames and even add voice-overs for your photos! Forget the kids, this is my camera!

The Double Vision Notebook looks like a real laptop. It comes with a full keyboard, touch pad, mouse with pad and A/V Connection Cable.

A extra large black and white LCD screen allows kids to select the activity, games, puzzle or dozens of other activities included in the Notebook. Four additional Activity Cartridges comes with unit for even more fun.

The Notebook can link to both a TV and VCR for viewing and full screen activity fun. Hot Keys take kids directly to certain activities. There are also speakers, volume controls, Quick Access Multimedia Control Buttons and more.

Kids can make their own presentations with music, photos and display them on TV! What a great toy to introduce kids to computers, word processing, language and business applications and many of the many programs and functions offered by real computers.

Like the Kidizoom Camera, the Double Vision Notebook is rugged and durable; perfect for the on the go kid.

Speaking of kids on the go, vtech has the perfect solution for the active child. Now kids can take fun and learning with them wherever they go. The V. Smile Cyber Pocket Learning System has everything a kid needs to learn, play and create.

It comes complete with a flip-open screen, full-color graphics, Writing Pad, stylus, TV Hook-Up Jack, a V-Link Memory Stick, Joystick buttons than can converts to right to left hand function, volume control, earphone jack and more.

Like other vtech products involving games or activities, the Pocket Learning System allows kids to check their progress, compare their progress to other vtech users online and display their work and activities on TV screens.

How vtech is able to pack so much functionality in their products at such an affordable price is beyond me? I highly recommend these products. They are rugged, ready to use, real learning benefits and really, really fun!

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