Saturday, March 21, 2009

Suikoden: Tierkreis

Konami presents the first handhled edition to its popular RPG video game series Suikoden in Suikoden: Tierkreis for Nintendo DS.The epic continues as your player attempts to reunite the 104 Stars Of Destiny using the four they start out with.
Players must attempt to gather the Stars in order to stop the almighty Sole King from creating total chaos across the unverse.Using Suikeden: Tierkreis’s unique wi-fi capabilities, players may interact with other characters via online to complete various quests-eventually returning to their own party with new abilities and treasures.
As players progress through the story new locations and cultures will be made available as they cross over to the various parallel worlds. The game features a large cast of new characters, stunning vistas and locations with clean, crisp graphics, effects and a pulse-pounding soundtrack that accents the adventure. Game play is smooth and seamless with quick transitions, ease-of-use and invigorating game play without over complicated maneuvers.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Planes And Cars

The Piper PA-18 Super Cub is a classic private single prop airplane that is rugged, reliable and a mainstay of the airplane enthusiasts. First introduced in the 1940s, the plane ended production in the 1990s, but is still available and sought after today.

The Revell 1;32 Scale model is rated Level 2 requiring moderate modeling skills applying glue and paint. Beautifully crafted, the model comes easy-to-assemble, sectioned much like a real plane and includes full cockpit details and engine compartment access. The AT-6/SNJ Texan training aircraft was mass produced and used for decades by the Navy.

Ruggedly constructed, the Texan is a single prop trainer with a top speed 207 mph with a range of 665 miles.

Mounted over its front wings, the Texan is highly maneuverable, dependable and capable of flights up to 24,200 feet. The model boasts easy-to-assemble parts, paintable in two color schemes, includes decals and can be posed with wheels up or down. A reinforced clear plastic canopy gives modelers a clear view of the interior seat, controls and gauges.

Scaled a 1:48, the Mil-24D Hind Helicopter model is a level 2 model with full exterior and interior details, twin cockpits, rocket launchers, forward mounted guns and capable of speeds up to 200 mph.

The gunship is a massive machine measuring in a nearly four car lengths, sports five rotating blades, rear stabilizer blades, rear passenger compartments, radar, tri-wheels, anti-tank missiles and camo paint. Assembly, paint and glue is required.

Revell presents three new muscle/pony cars with chrome wheels, bumpers, trim and engine details. All feature rubber tires, full interior details including steering wheel, dashboard, instrumentation, seats and door accessories.

The '69 Camaro 7/28 SS is pre-painted and requires no glue. Full details are on all sides, including the under carriage.

The '70 Dodge Challenger 2 'n 1 can be painted red or yellow in R/T or T/A modes. Both have amazing engine detailing with chrome parts, wiring, tubing and even batteries.

From it Monogram Slot Car Assembly line of kits comes the 1:32 Scale red Ferrari 250 GTO/LM with complete parts to assemble a rarin' to go slot car! Model makers will get a kick out of assembling it as will slot car racers. Either way its a cool car with lots of zip and get up and go!

Bus, Truck & Cars

Even as a young child I've always been fascinated by mass transit, specifically buses. Schuco introduces the Setra S8 "Reisedienst Medenbach", a faithful reproduction of one of the first buses to have a self-supporting body, first produced in 1967.

The Limited Edition (1,000) red and cream-color diecast is constructed on one solid piece of metal with snap-in axles with rubber wheels. Included with the bus is a reproduction of the original Piccolo box it was sold in.

The Edition 1:43 Mercedes-Benz 319 transport van is painted a bright orange with red, white and black trim. The DUNLOP van diecast is a fine example of precision modeling craftsmanship with crisp paint lines, careful attention to detail, full chrome grill and mirror details, body trim, windshield wipers at half window position, full interior detail, rubber tires mounted on orange wheels.

Be sure to pay particular attention to the rear door details, tight body paint application roof chrome trim, front Mercedes logo grill and twin plastic lights and windows. The diecast comes screw mounted to a black base and covered by a clear plexi-glass top.

Also a Edition 1:43, the Mercedes-Benz 300 Sl is the classic Mercedes sports car that every collector would love to have. The reproduction is solid silver, sports wing doors, a black and white interior and clear plastic lights and windows. Large number 445s decorate all sides, front wheel well air vents give the 300 SL a sleek, aerodynamic look while the low to ground, and the curved body shape makes the car look ultra-modern even though it was introduced decades ago.

The protruding front and rear chrome bumpers and curved front chrome grill give the car a elegant feel and the custom, vented wheels with rubber tires accented by the front and rear wheel well fins make the car appear as if it is moving while standing still.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a white bolt of lightning masquerading as a car. The Edition 1:87 diecast is wedge-shaped, fully detailed with rear engine vents, accented front and rear lights, clear plastic windshield and windows, oversize wheels and rubber tires.

The Porsche Carrera GT is also a Edition 1:87 and also painted white. The convertible has a black interior, rear raised silver seat accents, rear airfoil, tapered front, low body style, full light and windshield details and oversize tires and wheels.

Limited to 1,000 pieces the Limited Edition Mercedes-Benz 170V limousine "Taxibal" has a solid metal body, cream and black paint scheme with chrome bumper, wheel, body trim and grill taxi roof sign and working wheels. A reproduction of the original box is also included.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crimson Crisis

Konami presents its latest booster set, Crimson Crisis, for its Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. Consisting of 100 cards, the set breaks down into 48 Commons, 20 Rares, 14 Super Rares and 10 Ultra Rare. The 1st Edition comes nine cards per pack and introduces new cards, one of which allows players to upgrade their decks to a more powerful assault mode.

Originally halted for release due to Konami's decision to end its association with Upper Deck, Konami released the cards on its own. Delighted fans can find the cards in retail and hobby shops.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG lives and players can thank Konami for its resuscitation. From the four packs I opened I received an impressive selection of cards.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quantum Of Solace

When Daniel Craig accepted the role of James Bond many Bond fans squelched the idea. Although Craig resembled the literary profile of Bond with his craggy good looks and cool demeanor, his blue eyes and blond hair were no-nos.

When his first James Bond movie, Casino Royale, broke all Bond movie records, the public and his detractors warmed up to him. But, was he a one-hit wonder?

Quantum Of Solace proves that Craig has nailed the Bond persona on the head. His cavalier attitude, tough-as-nails ruggedness and powerful emotional and physical performance proves that he is the James Bond for the 21st Century.

Quantum Of Solace takes up immediately after Casino Royale ends. Bond is after the mysterious organization responsible for the death of the woman he loved and whose fleeting shadow falls over some of the most insidious criminal activities imaginable. His investigation leads him to the criminal organization known only as Quantum and face-to-face with environmentalist Dominic Greene.

Greene's plans involve overthrowing a small country's government by controlling its water supply. Bond, without the help of M16 , must stop him with the aid of Camille, a young woman on her own path of revenge.

Quantum Of Solace is a non-stop whirlwind of action, suspense and thrills. The 2-disc DVD contains the movie, featurettes, a music video, crew files and much more from MGM.

Previews, March

Lots of goodies are coming your way this May and Diamond Previews gives you a first-hand look at each and every one.

Comic books to go crazy over are The Unwritten, Rapture, Olympus, New Mutants and Fusion.

Magazine to muse over are Terminator: Salvation, Torchwood, Super hero Collection, Geek, CBG, Starlog, Fangoria, Fantastique and Doctor Who.

books to go bonkers over include The Ultimate Illustrations, How To Draw Manga, About time and Utopia Illustrations.

Trading cards to care about are Star Trek: The New Movie, Transformers 2 and Lost Season Four.

Toys that tickle your fancy starts with Marvel Select, Hot Wheels Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Stargate SG-1, Back To The Future, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Blacula, Battlestar Galactica, Day Of The Dead, Hellboy II, Naruto, Harry Potter, Qee, Snoopy, Watchmen and ending with Batman.

Game on with Android, D&D, Warcraft, Pokemon and Star Wars.