Monday, March 16, 2009

Planes And Cars

The Piper PA-18 Super Cub is a classic private single prop airplane that is rugged, reliable and a mainstay of the airplane enthusiasts. First introduced in the 1940s, the plane ended production in the 1990s, but is still available and sought after today.

The Revell 1;32 Scale model is rated Level 2 requiring moderate modeling skills applying glue and paint. Beautifully crafted, the model comes easy-to-assemble, sectioned much like a real plane and includes full cockpit details and engine compartment access. The AT-6/SNJ Texan training aircraft was mass produced and used for decades by the Navy.

Ruggedly constructed, the Texan is a single prop trainer with a top speed 207 mph with a range of 665 miles.

Mounted over its front wings, the Texan is highly maneuverable, dependable and capable of flights up to 24,200 feet. The model boasts easy-to-assemble parts, paintable in two color schemes, includes decals and can be posed with wheels up or down. A reinforced clear plastic canopy gives modelers a clear view of the interior seat, controls and gauges.

Scaled a 1:48, the Mil-24D Hind Helicopter model is a level 2 model with full exterior and interior details, twin cockpits, rocket launchers, forward mounted guns and capable of speeds up to 200 mph.

The gunship is a massive machine measuring in a nearly four car lengths, sports five rotating blades, rear stabilizer blades, rear passenger compartments, radar, tri-wheels, anti-tank missiles and camo paint. Assembly, paint and glue is required.

Revell presents three new muscle/pony cars with chrome wheels, bumpers, trim and engine details. All feature rubber tires, full interior details including steering wheel, dashboard, instrumentation, seats and door accessories.

The '69 Camaro 7/28 SS is pre-painted and requires no glue. Full details are on all sides, including the under carriage.

The '70 Dodge Challenger 2 'n 1 can be painted red or yellow in R/T or T/A modes. Both have amazing engine detailing with chrome parts, wiring, tubing and even batteries.

From it Monogram Slot Car Assembly line of kits comes the 1:32 Scale red Ferrari 250 GTO/LM with complete parts to assemble a rarin' to go slot car! Model makers will get a kick out of assembling it as will slot car racers. Either way its a cool car with lots of zip and get up and go!

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