Thursday, July 9, 2009

Losing The Peace

Pocket Books' newest Star Trek: The Next Generation paperback book release, Losing The Peace, by William Leisner is not your typical Star Trek book.

There are no epic spaceship battles, exotic and terrifying alien species, hidden agendas or threats to the universe.

What it does contain are the tragic results of an intergalactic war, with the Borg, that has left the Federation in shambles. Planets and their entire populations are either wiped out or on the brink of collapse, Food, shelter, medical help and other necessities of life are at short supply and the Federation is stretched thin with barely enough ships to patrol the galaxy to offer aid and maintain the peace.

The crew of the Enterprise face their own dilemma as they, under the command of Jean Luc Picard, are given watchdog duty as they endeavor to search for survivors, supply medical and humanitarian assistance to devastated civilizations and keep at bay and under control those planets not effected by the Borg.

Tensions mount and old isolationist instincts kick-in as Picard, his wife Beverly, Worf and assorted crew members deal with crisis in their own individual ways.

Losing The Peace is a close examination of the aftereffects of war placed in a fictional setting. However, the ramifications and tragic circumstances are pulled from today's headlines.

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