Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Premium Stereo Headphones

Listening to music is great. But, it's only great if you'd got something great to listen to it with. Listening to it directly from a stereo or computer or even from one of the new multi-media TV directly loses much of the sound quality.

What you need is a premium set of stereo headphones and coincidentally Genius has a Premium Stereo Headphone that fits the bill perfectly.

Genius's GHP-05 Live DRD 3D Surround Premium Stereo headphone lets you listen to every subtle vocal and musical instrument with crystal clarity. No matter what you plug it into: a computer, stereo, entertainment center or amplifier what you get is some of the very best sound transfer clarity I've ever heard.

For you technical buffs out there check out some of the features and accessories you receive: 20Hz-25KHz frequency response, 32ohm +/- 20% impendence, 95dB +/- 3dB @1KHZ, a two meter + two meter cable length, an RCA converter, a gold plate adaptor, extension cable, two AAA batteries and a User's Manual.

The padded earphones make listening to music comfortable with no outside noise distraction. They adjust to fit any size head, the power switch is located on one of the earphones and the earphones tilt and pivot to any position with no effort.

They make the perfect gift for any music lover or musician who enjoy crystal clear sound from base through the full acoustic range.

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