Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Lantern Atrocitus

Series One of DC Direct's new Blackest Night figures just came out and I ordered a full set from my local comic book vendor, Universe Of Superheroes.  Like most others living through this current financial downswing I have to budget my money. So, I'm purchasing one figure every one or two weeks, depending on how many comics I buy in a particular week.
Let me tell you, it as no easy task choosing what figure to buy first, considering that all of the figures are awesome.  They include Atrocitus, Earth-2 Superman, Blue Lantern: Saint Walker and Alpha Lantern Boddikka.  It was toss-up between Atrocitus and Boddikka as to which one I would purchase first.  Eventually Atrocitus won out. 
The full-articulated Atrocitus figure is a formidable as his name implies.
The Red Lantern's outfit consists of a black body suit with metallic blood red chest armor, oversize shoulder pads with attached neck protection, knee boots, gloves and lower arm armor.
Atrocitus' face is a study in rage with its open maw showing upper and lower pearl white sharp teeth, deep set glowing yellow eyes and bony face plates.  His right hand is twisted into a fist and his left with its clawed fingers grasping. 
Included with the imposing figure is a special Red Lantern base and a blood Red Lantern that can be loosely held by the left hand.  The figure is held firmly in place within a vacuum formed inner sleeve and waist tie-down covered by a full plastic bubble for easy viewing.
I especially like the black on white Red Lantern logo on Arocitus' chest and his well-defined muscular physique.  Nicely sculpted!

Monday, October 19, 2009

E-Klasse, Kafer And Anhänger

Limited to only 1,000 copies the Schuco’s 1:43 Edition metallic blue Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Limousine "Avantgarde" diecast auto is a true miniature mechanized marvel.
Securely mounted on a custom black base and protected by a clear plastic high-impact display box, the auto is a real eye-pleaser and makes an excellent addition to any pureblood diecast collector.
This blue beauty is all detail with its miniature side mirrors, slightly protruding door handles, wraparound headlights and taillights, chrome wheels, tinted glass windows molded in bumpers and hidden antennae.
Full interior details includes a to-scale dash and steering column, luxurious leather like seats and all the extras Mercedes Benz owners come to expect.
Equally impressive is Schuco's 1:87 Edition VW Käfer Cabrio mit Wohnanhänger also mounted on a special black base and protested by a clear plastic shell.
A classic VW Bug ragtop, with its top down, togs along a customized VW mini-enclosed trailer with bubble roof, two-tone paint scheme and side windows. 
The car is painted a deep copper with cream interior, black folded back ragtop and fully chromed side upper door accents, bumpers, mirrors, light enclosures and door handles. 
The Set VW (VW T3 mit Anhänger + VW Käfer Cabrio is a light gray enclosed VW van with front side and rear windows, black bumpers and slit side windows just behind the rear window.  It hauls a VW bug ragtop on a twin axle flatbed trailer with hitch, and side extended turn and brake signals.
The ragtop VW Bug is a deep metallic blue with full chrome details and black interior.
All of the aforementioned vehicles have wheels that turn, are huge on details (both exterior and interior) and look great on display. 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ultimate Alliance 2

Just when you thought things couldn't get any hotter than Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance along comes Ultimate Alliance 2.
Twice the action, twice the killer graphics, twice the special effects and twice the fun!
Based upon Marvel's Secret War and Civil War series, Ultimate Alliance pits heroes against heroes and villains against villains in a no-holds barred battle royal with the victor either free from government registration or forcing the opposition to register under the Superhuman Registration Act
Rated T for teen, the new Ultimate Alliance 2 video game is compatible to all game formats and features some of the most dynamic graphics, excellently rendered figures and blow your eyes out soundtrack and sound effects.
Assemble your four character dream teams and for the first time combine the powers of two characters for the ultimate power rush.
Look for 250 new fusing powers, character expansion with Cyclops, Psylocke and Blade and multiplayer team-ups online and off.  It's like playing the ultimate RPG with full 360 degree action, a huge selection of environments and locations, full object manipulati

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hammer Glamour

When movie-goers think of Hammer films they usually think of monsters, mad scientists, the supernatural, vampires and other creature of the night.  But, Hammer Films was also known for its bevy of beautiful babes and vixens.
Titan Books and author Marcus Hearn present classic images from the archives of Hammer Films that offers a glorious tribute to the queens of Hammer horror!
Beginning with the release of first Hammer horror film over 50 years ago you'll get a full visual guide to the damsels in distress and voluptuous vixens that made Hammer's mix of sex and horror such a winning combination.
Learn all about the starlets (and later some superstars) who got their start at Hammer.  It's big bosoms, tiny bikinis, barely-covered bottoms, luscious lips, inviting poses and lots of kitsch in Hammer Glamour,  Discover what inspired a whole generation of filmmakers including George Lucas.