Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hammer Glamour

When movie-goers think of Hammer films they usually think of monsters, mad scientists, the supernatural, vampires and other creature of the night.  But, Hammer Films was also known for its bevy of beautiful babes and vixens.
Titan Books and author Marcus Hearn present classic images from the archives of Hammer Films that offers a glorious tribute to the queens of Hammer horror!
Beginning with the release of first Hammer horror film over 50 years ago you'll get a full visual guide to the damsels in distress and voluptuous vixens that made Hammer's mix of sex and horror such a winning combination.
Learn all about the starlets (and later some superstars) who got their start at Hammer.  It's big bosoms, tiny bikinis, barely-covered bottoms, luscious lips, inviting poses and lots of kitsch in Hammer Glamour,  Discover what inspired a whole generation of filmmakers including George Lucas.

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