Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Rated T for Teen, the new Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron video game for PSP delivers upfront Empire/Rebel action and adventure as only LucasArts can deliver.
Elite Squadron allows the player to go it alone, team up with other gamers, battle on the ground or in the air.  On ground and in air battle affect one another so the dynamics of the game shifts depending on what events are happening on either level.
You can design and outfit your own character, choose weapons and species and search for and obtain items and bonuses.  Each of the classic movie battles can be recreated from Hoth to Endor.  Choose you mode of transportation form ships to ground vehicles, choose Modes such as Heroes and Villains (to play classic Jedi or Sith characters), track stats and battle your way through 12 campaign levels, multi-layer battlefronts.
Elite Squadron also presents new characters form battlefront, Renegade Squadron and The Force Unleashed.  Play is full 360 degree with full detailed environments, excellent character vectoring and textures and sound effects and sound track that makes you feel as if you're deep in the action as portrayed in each  movie.
Take Star Wars around in your pocket.  you never know when you might meet up with aliens, Sith or the Empire.   

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