Saturday, March 13, 2010

Firefly Rain

As a young boy growing up in the small town of Maryfield, North Carolina, Jacob Logan was anxious to move away and start a life of his own.  Small town life was not for him and after leaving for college, graduating and setting up his own successfully business his visits home were few and far between.
His life suddenly took a sour turn when his business failed, his personal life was in a shambles and everything seemed fruitless.
Reluctantly he moves back to Maryfield and takes up residence in his childhood home.  Both of his parents had died and are buried on the property.
Jacob hopes his trip home will let him catch his breath and bearings before he decides which direction his life should go.
His old homestead seems to be the perfect setting:  It’s quiet and peaceful and just the place to reflect and regroup.
But when a series of mysterious incidents pile on top of another: lost belongings, stolen car, etc., and no one hears or sees a thing-or do they?
The townspeople seem unusually distant, his ground caretaker, Carl, seems too good to be true and the fireflies…they die whenever they approach Jacob’s home. 
Then there’s the sounds at night, creaking, creepy sounds and the unnerving feeling that he’s being watched-but by who or what?
Something wants him home and refuses to let him leave-but what and why?  Firefly Rain by Richard Dansky, published by Gallery Books, it's a horrific page turner that never lets up. Coming home has never been so scary. 

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