Friday, April 16, 2010

Prison, Planet, Cloudy, Warcraft And Eastwood

Insight Editions has released a quintet of titles dealing with TV and movies.  All are exquisitely designed and jammed full of photos and art.  If you've never given Insight Editions books a look you need to give them a try.  Each and every volume, regardless of subject matter, is a small work of art filled with lush illustrations, high resolution photos and informative text.  The books themselves consist of high-quality paper stock that guarantees clean crisp image and text reproduction and tight, clean binding, with or without slipcases. 
The TV series Prison Break is one of the most innovative and original series to come down the pike in some time.  Centered around two brothers who are unjustly imprisoned by the mysterious Company and then escape, has had viewers guessing and second guessing what is going on each and every episode.
Insight Editions and writers Christian Trokey and Kalinda Vazquez present The Official Companion Book To The Greatest Escape On Television.  Each and every page offers behind-the-scenes info and pictures from each of the show's seasons.  Learn the secrets both in front of and behind the camera complemented by lots of candid photos and revealing text.
The Art Of Planet 51 is a square bound hardback book by Danny Graydon with a foreword from Gary Oldman.  The book consists of a short story synopsis, lots of production art of characters, locations and vehicles.  Look for charter bios, storyboards, color studies and sketches-lots of sketches.  All thought the movie didn't fair so well at the box office, this new book is a real eye-pleaser and lots of fun to read.
A huge hit for Sony Picture's Animation, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meat Balls, based on the award-winning children's book, translates perfectly to the printed page.  The huge hardbound book comes in a sturdy slipcase, both lavishly illustrated front and back.
Written by Tracey Miller-Zarneke with a foreword from Judi Barrett, The Art And Making Of Sony Pictures Animation's Cloudy With A Chance Of Meat Balls gives readers a complete text and art rundown of the entire hilarious movie.
Look for complete character bios and illustrations, color studies, location illustrations, ground-breaking visual effects-such as clouds and some really cool special inserts.  What other book offers you things like scratch and sniff stickers, Top Secret schematics, a map and shopping guide, Flint's Car schematic: before and after, a fold-out weather map, screen savers, a burger guide and more?  Now that's my kind of book!
There's a reason why World Of Warcraft is the most popular online game ever created.  A solid story, spectacular art, incredible special effects and a game friendly playing environment make it extremely popular with gamers.  A whole world-universe-is open to gamers with new scenarios and environments being introduced almost on a daily basis.
The Cinematic Art Of World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King is as every bit as impressive as the game itself.  Discover how the game came about, who the key players are, what they look like, how special visual effects and panoramic vistas were created, modeling, texturing and surfacing secrets, rendering and sound creation and more in illustration filled pages with accompanying text that reveals the how and why.
Randomly inserted translucent envelopes contain final production art that make the cook a complete package of fantasy art as imagined by the geniuses behind the online game.
Most readers and movie goers associated Clint Eastwood with his Western an Detective movies and recently his WWII films.  I actually started watching Eastwood when he was one of the co-stars on the Rawhide TV Western series.  Even then his charisma and screen presence could be seen.
While filming the series Eastwood traveled to Spain to film the Spaghetti Westerns he would become so famous for as The Man With No Name.  After a string of several other Westerns Clint would make a series of movies starring as character he would become most closely associated with his entire life: the no nonsense police detective: Dirty Harry.
Clint Eastwood ICON: The Essential Film Art Collection by David Frangioni with essays by Thomas Schatz, chronicles Eastwood's long cinematic career via movie posters form all over the globe.
The oversize hardbound book breaks Eastwood's career by decade and showcases his many films via movie posters.  It makes for a welcome nostalgic trip down Memory Lane of Clint's stellar cinematic career. 

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