Friday, June 25, 2010

Magazine DrawerBoxes

Recently I acquired several of DrawerBoxes Storage System's new Magazine DrawerBoxes.  If you're a serious comic book collector such as myself you also collect magazines not only about comic books but magazines about other popular culture items as well.
I've never really been satisfied with the standard magazine storage boxes purchased at local comic book/book/collectibles stores.  They tend to be too flimsy and easily damaged.  Plus, often I like to categorize more than one run of magazines in a box or break the magazines up into years.  When all of them are packed into one box it makes it difficult to locate a particular issue.
DrawerBoxes Storage System has solved those problems in a unique way.  Their Magazine StorageBox consists of an outer shell, reinforced by a slip in heavy duty sleeve, that fits over the sliding drawer of the box.  By designing the Magazine DrawerBox in such a manner it gives the box incredible strength, especially when it comes to stacking.
Cleverly designed Rails fit snuggly into each long side of the box held in place by the fold-over front and rear handle flaps.  Upright Dividers slip into the various slots in the Rails thus creating separate chambers in the box for various magazine titles or however you want to organize your publications.
As you can see be the accompanying illustrations and photos the entire assemblage makes for a neat, tidy and attractive storage container that will keep your magazines out of direct light, free from dirt and dust and safe from damage.  Rails and Upright Dividers are also available for Comic Book DrawerBoxes.
With the high cost of comic books and magazines today there's no better protection than DrawerBoxes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Transformers: War For Cybertron

Experience first-hand the final battle for Cybertron as either an Autobot or a Decepticon.  The slightly redesigned Transformers (with the blessing from Hasbro Toys) battle it out in 3rd person action including several multiplayer modes from four character classes and choice of abilities and weaponry.
With the push of a button covert from robot to vehicles in a variety of environments.  Players can compete with each other via console or online using their own unique characters through the most important moments in the final war for Cybertron.
Activision has pulled out all the stops in its latest Transformers video game with more action, smoother transformations, lightning fast battle, more weapons, more levels, more detail, more color and special effects, more Transformers and more fun.
Look for Transformers: War For Cybertron in all games formats, rated T for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, T for Teen Fantasy Violence for Wii and E10+ Fantasy Violence for DS.
War For Cybertron makes for some awesome game play with plenty of surprises, stunning visual and sound effects, breakneck game play and so much game play variation courtesy of multiple environments and Transformers that are sure to please any serious video gamer.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Legends Of The Guard #1

When David Petersen's Mouse Guard became a runaway hit everyone was surprised, especially David.  More than just a story about cute mice, Mouse Guard contains all the elements of a grand fantasy adventure including monsters, magic, warriors and more.
Archaia presents three new tales of the Mouse Guard in its Legends Of The Guard #1.  In this issue a local tavern owner challenges three patrons to a contest.  Should one of them come up with the best story containing one truth, one lie and never told in the tavern before their bar tab will be wiped clean.  If not, they must pay their full tab in one week.
The three tales include a showdown between the Hawk's mouse and the Fox's mouse, by Jerry Bastain, an encounter between a lovelorn mouse and an injured bat by Ted Naifeh and the untimely death of a rider caused by his steed from Alex Sheiman.
Each tale is beautifully illustrated and colored and is a worthy companion to David Petersen's own stellar work on the series.

Betty And Veronica Double Digest #s 180 & 181

Before I get to my review I'd like to say a few things about Archie Comics.  While it's true that the "Big 2" comic book publishers get most of the press Archie Comics has  slowly and methodically introduced new changes and innovative new publishing variations on a regular basis.
For example: Archie Comics publishes its digest size comics containing both new and reprint stories and it reprints in trade paper back some its most recent story arches and classic strips from decades gone by.  In addition, a new slicker paper stock has been introduced on some titles, a brand new look or more realistic art style has been tested on a number of stories, daring new storylines have been tried and tested such as Archie's imaginary marriages to Veronica and then Betty, the soon to be introduction of a gay character, an expansion of its titles and a commitment to continue publishing its current titles.  And that's just a few of the exciting and innovative publishing concepts introduced.
I admire Archie Comics because unlike many of the more high profile publishers Archie Comics keeps its stories clean, fun and untainted by such things as the "Dark" period seen in so many other publishers books.  Archie Comics books read today could have just as been easily published twenty years ago.  Is it any wonder the company is still around?
Anyway, on to the review.  In issues #180 and #181 of Betty And Veronica Double Digest the main story focuses on Betty's decision to tryout and eventually join the Riverdale Baseball Team.  To the surprise of everyone, including herself, she becomes a team member.  Her new status causes quite a stir among both the male baseball players and many of her female friends.
This story showcases how barriers are made to be broken when it comes to sports, business or any other career pursuit.  Women should have the right to choose their profession or sport and Archie Comics handles the conflict perfectly in a clever story arch set in a realistic setting and populated by realistic teenagers.  I applaud Archie Comics for taking on such a story without resorting to a cliché confrontational showdown.
Besides the main story both Digests contain some hilarious Archie hi-jinx along with some fashion sense Katy Keene stories.  Pick up both books today.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ferrari, Cobra, Buckley, Foxbat And Heinkel

Two red hot muscle cars rated a 2 Skill Level are the 1:25 Scale Revell Ferrari California and '69 Ford Mustang Mach I Cora Jet.
The Ferrari is a two-seat convertible with chrome star shaped wheels.  This aerodynamic speed demon on four wheels is low to ground, all curved surfaces with strategically placed air vents and scoops that keep the car perfectly stable as is it practically flies along the speedway.  Check out the minimal grill, triangular shaped headlight covers and lush light brown leather interior.  To display the engine use the cutaway hood.
Motor-City Muscle describes the Mustang Mach I Cobra Jet perfectly. Painted red with black accents and featuring lots of chrome this beauty is all business with its 428 cubic-inch V-8 engine that cranks out 400 horsepower.  With rear and front stabilizing spoilers and opening front hood revealing the almost solid black engine the car also comes with custom rear signals and decals.  Zoom!
My favorite models to assemble when I was young were ships-specifically WWII  warships.  Is it any wonder that Revell's USS Buckley Destroyer escort is my favorite model in this review?  This no-nonsense ship bristles with weapons including deck guns, torpedoes and depth charges.  I love the little details like a full bridge, multiple upper decks, lifeboats, railing, twin propellers and so many other details I can't possibly list them all.  Look for decals with authentic markings, a customized display stand and full instructions on how to paint the model with its proper color scheme.
Another WWII ship of a different type is the Heinkel He 111H-22 Nazi bomber with V-1 Buzz Bomb.  Modeled by Monogram, the bomber takes the most skill to assemble.  Look for full interior and exterior details including a cockpit that opens revealing the flight crew, full landing gear, a detachable V-1 Buzz Bomb, instructions for duplicating its unique camouflage paint scheme, decals and fully adjustable wing flaps, upper gunner rotating cockpit and much more.
The Mig 25 Foxbat is a Level 2 fighter with four  mounted missiles, heavy armor, twin rear jets, oversize stabilizing fins, a cockpit that opens, adjustable landing gear and decals for customizing markings.    

Fangoria #295, July

Are you ready for Slaughterhouse?  Get ready to serve up some choice cuts of meat.  Fangoria previews some new blood and guts movies such as The Dead Matter, Chain Letter, The Outback, Road Kill and other horrific goodies both on the screen and on DVD.
Take one crazy road trip with 2001 Maniacs, Spanish filmmaker Jaume Balaguero serves up a double dose of terror, Predators hunt again-this time on their own planet, take part in a Deadly Salvage Operation and True Blood bites deeper.
Parasomnia lets you sleep on it, Sushi Typhoon is a perfect storm of gore, Death Kappa has plenty of Alpha Monsters, explore The Depths Of The American Grindhouse and Crazies is still crazy after all these years.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tom & Jerry

One of my fondest memories as a young boy was watching the hilarious animated adventures of Tom & Jerry-the cat and mouse misadventures of a hair brain feline and a wily mouse.
Each cartoon saw Tom matching wits with his diminutive foe Jerry in a who-can-top-who slapstick story where inevitably Tom would get his comeuppance and Jerry his  victory and prize-most of the time.
What made Tom & Jerry cartoons so much fun was the over-the-top animation by many of the industry's top animators of the time: Hanna and Barbara, Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble.
Warner Bros. has compiled 30 of the best of the best animated Tom & Jerry shorts into a wonderful 2-disc collection.  Included is a very special tribute to the animated duo from their early days through their award winning career.


Guest Review: Sopheap J. Eang
Blur, from Activision, is an action packed racing game that makes me a bit nostalgic.  The obvious objective is to be the first to cross the finish line.  Although, having the fastest car and being a good driver is not good enough here.  In order to be first, mastery of the power ups placed throughout the race track is necessary.  Power-ups range from a homing missile to lightning road blocks.  Choosing the correct ones for your situation is something to think about too.  The road block probably isn’t the best idea if you’re in first place.  The same idea with last place.  Picking up a shield won’t do any good.  The racing itself would have been enough to make this game a good choice for race fans.  But the addition of the power-ups add the chaos that will get you addicted.
If you’re the single player person, blur has plenty to offer.  The absence of any real story is a downer.  But the road to being the best is an amazing ride.  Racing on the tracks is how you prove yourself worthy of taking part in one-on-one boss races.  Winning this race unlocks their car for use and a car mod.  It sounds simple, but the objectives just to participate can be difficult, but entertaining just to attempt at.  Some examples would be to push an enemy car off the side of a mountain.  While others are more generic, finish a track with X time.  As you race, you gain fans.  Fans can be gained by completing task on the track or by just doing whatever it takes to win.  When certain fan numbers are reached, new cars become unlocked.  With this said, there are twenty-five total levels in the single player game.  Leaving you with plenty of unlockable material.  Add this with its multiplayer feature, and you’ve got a game with every penny.
The online  multiplayer adds much to the single player game.  Along with increasing the level cap from twenty-five to fifty, you’re racing against other players.  Which adds competitive gameplay.  Being out in front of the pack is nice, but you’ll find yourself swerving and picking up shields often in an attempt to stay there.  While being in last can be just as fun.  Everyone is in front of you, giving you plenty of targets to shoot at.  There is lag at times, but never enough to intrude on the fun.  Unfortunately splitscreen takes a back seat to online.  The removal of the rear-view mirror makes it harder to take down opponents who are behind you.  Other than that, the multiplayer is solid and will provide hours and hours of enjoyment. 
Too finish the package, Blur looks great.  It uses real world race tracks and over 55 licensed photo-realistic cars.  As the race goes on, your car will become damaged.  This is represented by the life bar above the car.  But it’s also noticeable just by looking at the car.  The bumpers can come off, windows could be broken.  The hood could come completely off.  These little details really show how hard the developers worked on the game.  For the future of Blur I hope to see some DLC (downloadable content) put on the market.  Blur is a refreshing take on the racing genre and is a game I would recommend to all racing fans alike.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Only the slightly twisted directional genius of Tim Burton could translate Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass successfully to the Silver Screen. Throw in Johnny Depp’s slightly askew and odd portrayal of the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter as the White Queen and some famous voices as the computer animated White Rabbit, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and several other memorable characters and you’ve got an adaptation of the literary classic that cannot be matched!

The costumes, sets, computer effects and animation, lighting, makeup, physical effects and sheer scope of the film are breath-taking. This is Alice In Wonderland as it should appear-not as watered down animated films or anemic film adaptations seen so many times before.

Tim Burton captures the essence of the books and the weirdness, wonder and magic that makes the books so enjoyable so many years after they first appeared. There is something timeless about the Alice stories that strike a cord in everyone. Alice’s struggle with growing up, taking on responsibility and fitting in is something everyone can identify with.
Alice In Wonderland from Walt Disney Pictures is available on Blu-ray that also comes with a standard DVD disc and a special digital copy.

Look for some cool extras about the making of the film, cast interviews, scoring, costume design, commentaries and much, much more. Curiouser and curiouser!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Incredible Comic Book Women

Longtime comic book artist and new author Tom Nguyen (and his bevy of beautiful babe models) present Incredible Comic Book Women: The Kick Ass Guide To Drawing Hot Babes! published by Impact Books!

Ask any veteran or wannabe comic book artist and almost without exception when asked, “What is the most difficult thing to draw?” and they’ll answer—women. Trust me, I know, I have difficulty myself.

There’s something about the way that women are put together: their curves, torso area and faces that makes drawing women difficult, but not impossible. The biggest mistake young artists make when drawing women is they tend to make them look too muscular and use too many line-especially in their faces. The whole secret to drawing women is economy of lines and simplicity of form-any drawing of a woman should emphasize the soft, subtle curves of their body, their grace and most importantly their beauty.

Tom Nguyen understands the complexity of drawing women. His new book offers step-by-step instructions, with illustrations and photos, on how to draw faces, facial features, hairstyles, expressions, age variations, dynamic poses and lighting effects and five full-length demonstrations that simulate real-life “assignments from cover art to a complete comic book page are also included.

Artist of all sorts will want to study this book as it offers excellent advice and tips on drawing women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethic backgrounds. Hot chicks-even hotter art!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Siege: Aftermath Avengers Prime #1

I can't get enough of Marvel Comics' Avengers.  Especially after the effects of Siege and the new Heroic Age relaunch.  It's nice to see the big three of the original Avengers (Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor) back together. 
Asgard has been destroyed by Norman Osbourn and his 'government' cronies, Steve Rogers is now in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the nations' security and Iron Man has reverted to his old armor of several versions ago.
Together the old friends work together to piece things together and try to put the nation back on its feet after the devastating Siege fiasco.
However, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are still on edge with each over the events of the last few years and Thor is feeling displaced.
Exploring the ruins of Asgard, the trio accidentally trigger the shattered Rainbow Bridge's interdimentional capabilities and find themselves transported who knows where. 
Steve takes on some trolls, Tony Stark tries to fix his antiquated armor and Thor comes face-to-face with the Enchantress.  And that's just for starters!
This is the Avengers the way I like it-lots of fisticuffs, drama and action!  Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis serve up some good old Avengers fun with a killer story and dynamic art.  Who could ask for more?  Avengers Assemble!

James Bond Heroes & Villains

Few can dispute the fact that the James Bond movies have some of the most memorable villains and heroes ever created.  With names like Pussy Galore, Goldfinger, 006, Thumper, Bambi, M, Q, Blofeld and dozens of other characters the James Bond movies never fail to entertain.
Rittenhouse Archives presents a complete collection of Heroes & Villains Trading Cards from all 22 official James Bond films.  Seventy two Cards make up the Base Set (I assembled a full set with several cards extra for trading.  Every Rittenhouse Archives Trading Card Box I've received has always contained a full Base Set), with five Cards per Foil Pack and 24 Foil Packs per Box.
Three Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (mine are Joaquin Cosio, Papillon Soo Soo and Olga Bisera) with randomly inserted Bonus Cards in each Box.
Look for:
  • 6 Men of James Bond Cards (I have 2)
  • 9 James Bond In Motion Expansion Cards (1)
  • 9 James Bond Expansion Cards (1)
  • 8 James Bond Prop Relic Cards
    (Renault Taxi Cloth Interior from A View To A Kill)
All of the Trading Cards are printed on heavy paper stock and varnished on one side with a brief description of each character on their backs.

Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5

For five season Lost thrilled, chilled, enthralled, puzzled, perplexed and captivated viewers with its mix of fantasy, science fiction, drama and action.  Each week viewers never knew what to expect.
What you can expect from Rittenhouse Archives is a beautiful set of Trading Cards, printed on heavy stock, of photos taken from each episode along with some interesting facts about the show on the back of each Card. Five Cards come per Foil Pack with 24 Pack per Box.  One hundred and eight cards make up the Base Set (I got a full Set) and three Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (I received Alice Evans, Henry Ian Cusick and Terry O'Quinn).
Randomly inserted Bonus Cards include:
  • 25 Lost Stars Artifex Cards (4 for me)
  • 6 The Oceanic Six Cards (1)
  • 9 Lost in Motion Lenticular Cards (2)
  • Flash Forward Card (4)
Special cards are also available for Case purchases.  See Rittenhouse's website for details.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wheels, Antiques, Rocks, Glass And Shoes

When author Michael Zarnock and Krause Publications state that the 4th Edition of Hot Wheels Variations is The Ultimate Guide they weren’t kidding! Just one look at this massive book clocking in at 5,500 number packs and with 3,100 photos includes a full identification and price listing of every Variation and it’s cool to look at to boot!

Warman’s 44th Antiques & Collectibles book by Mark F. Moran is the ultimate guide to everything antique ranging from glasswares to war memorabilia. Trusted since 1948 this guide is the bible of any serious collector with comprehensive listings, historical data and current market trends and prices. If you collect, then this is the book for you.

Before seeing Collecting Rocks, Gems And Minerals by Patti Polk I never realized how many different types of geological goodies there were. Look for full identification, values and lapidary uses. This book is packed with color photos, interesting mineral facts and full features. Rockin’!

Glass Collectors are sure to want to pick up Warman’s Depression Glass Field Guide 4th Edition by Ellen T. Schroy. Full value and identifications are included as are full color photos of each piece along with linear pattern recreations, prices and abbreviated historical facts.

Caroline Ashleigh and Warman’s Shoes Field Guide tracks the history of footwear from everything from athletic shoes to cowboy boots and everything in between. Look for values and identifications, promotional and historical documents and much more as you jump feet first into collecting shoes.

Holmes, Defenders, Animals, Valiant, Olympians, Stories and Adventures

Mill Creek Entertainment combs film archives for some of the best classic animated series, movies and live action movies and coverts them to DVDs for all to enjoy.

With the recent success of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, movie goers are taking a new interest in the classic adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s pipe smoking detective’s earlier cinema adventures.

Included in the 5-disc set are the entire 39 episodes of the American TV series and eight feature films. Actor Christopher provides and introduction to this wonderful collection of Edwardian detective thrillers.

Several other classic novel, comic strip and Pulp figures join forces to stop the merciless Ming. Look for Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrak The Magician and Lothar and their young offspring as they team up to protect mankind as The Defenders OF THE Earth. The entire 65 episode animated series is included on 5-discs.

Small children are sure to love the 52 episodes of Animal Stories that run like modern day Aesop Tales. The winner of the prestigious Best Pre-School Animation Award of 2001, Animal Stories centers episodes on different animals while inter-mingling important life lessons.

Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant still runs today in newspapers. At its height the cartoon script was read and enjoyed by millions. It was even translated to a feature film starring Robert Wagner.

For the first time all 65 episodes of the animated series are brought together on 5-discs. Follow Prince Valiant in The Legend OF Prince Valiant as he begins his Quest For Camelot with lots of magic, warriors and damsels thrown in the mix. Animated to match the style of the newspaper strip, The Legend OF Prince Valiant is an epic animated series with plenty of adventure, action, sword-play and epic battles between good and evil. Look for voice actor interviews and commentaries.

I loved the Italian muscle man movies of the 1950’s and 1960’s, especially those starring Steve Reeves as Hercules.

Where else could you get lots of muscle-bound warriors pounding the living daylights out of each other, loads of magic and monsters and those girls-whew!

Get ready for some mythological mayhem as Mill Creek Entertainment takes you back in time to the age of Hercules complete with more action and adventure than you can imagine. Go ahead; indulge yourself, a little muscle-bound mayhem never hurt anyone.

Incredible stories and Classic Adventures translate literary masterpieces into full-length animated tales adapted for the small screen. Look for a huge cross-section of stories such as Ben Hur, Ivanhoe, The Mysterious Island, Journey To The Center Of The Earth and over a dozen other classic stories. It’s the perfect way to introduce children to classic of literature while making them visually exciting.

Safari To The Eighth Power

Eight new figures have just been released from Safari Ltd.: ranging from dinosaurs to a Centaur. As with all Safari Ltd. figures each one is expertly sculpted, nicely detailed, accurate to scale and surface texture and coloring, paint application is crisp with no slop over lines between pigments and no flashing is apparent for the molding process.

Travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Take to the sea with the serpentine Mosasaurus. You can almost picture it gliding its light gray and white aerodynamic torso through the water propelled by its four fins and a paddle-like tail. Watch out for its large maw lined with razor sharp teeth!

Take flight with the Rhamphorhynchus as this deadly predator of the sky flaps its huge membrane wings and whips its long tail. Colored in multiple shades of brown this killer of the sky sports nasty looking claws and a mouth only a mother could love. Ouch!

With its large armor plated side, back and tail ridges the Kentrosaurus is a multi-green stomping machine as its easily walks across most terrain on its hammer-like feet with its large spiked tail held high and its side front spikes protruding to ward off any interlopers.

A modern day cousin of the huge thunder lizards is the Iguana. Safari Ltd. has done an excellent job of recreating the creature with its rough skin, long claws and toes, snake-like tail, body markings, large open maw with lower jaw skin flap and curiously intelligent looking eyes.

Learn all about the Life Cycle Of A Frog with Safari Ltd.'s five-stage depiction of the event starting with the eggs and moving on to the tadpole, tadpole without gills, tadpole with legs and finally the adult frog. Fascinating!

Don’t you just love cute little critters? And what’s not to love about the Guinea Pig. It’s absolutely adorable with its short stubby brown and white, fuzzy body, small ears and black button eyes. Its little pink feet are almost hidden by its plump body and its tiny mouth is almost lost on its pink snout. Awww!

What a crab! No, I’m not describing someone’s attitude I’m talking about Safari Ltd’s Blue Crab. Painted multiple greens and blues this crustacean is a flat, fast beach comber that looks like something from another planet with its eight legs, two large claws, triangular body and black eyes and hidden maw. Good thing it’s not a real crab-we Southern folks love our Blue Crabs, especially for food!

Time to cross the veil to a Mystical Realm and confront the half human, half horse Centaur. This muscular mix of man and beast is dressed in full body armor made of leather and metal. In one hand he carries a large bronze shield and raised in his other hand is a huge mace. Best be careful around this bearded warrior, you might just find yourself flat on your back looking up at his hooves!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Previews, June

Look for lots of new goodies coming in August courtesy of Diamond Previews June issue.

Comics books to clamor for include Spitfire 31, Deadpool #1000, Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1, Spider-Girl: The End #1, Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet #1Shadowland: Bullseye #1, Shadowland: Moon Knight #1 and other Shadowland #1s, Magnus #1, Superman: Earth One, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1, Guardians Of The Globe #1, Morning Glories #1, Lucid #1, The Scourge #1, Dracula #1, Torchwood #1, The Last Phantom #1 and Neonomicon #1.

Books to read include: The Art of Struzan, DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book, DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, Jerry Robinson: Ambassador Of Comics, The Essential Superman Encyclopedia, Mad's Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragones, James Bond: The Book Of Bond, James Bond: Cars & Vehicles, Lost Encyclopedia, Star Trek The Original Series 365, James May's Toy Stories, Star Wars: Year By Year A Visual Chronicle.

Toys to play with are Little Red, Juggernaut, Jonah Hex and Rambo.

Games to enjoy are Smallville, Warhammer, Monsterpocalypse, Web Of Spider-Man and D&D.

Shrek Forever After

If you enjoyed the latest Shrek movie from Dreamworks you’re going to enjoy the new Shrek Forever After video game from Activision available in all game formats.
Playable as a single player or in groups of four, Shrek Forever After lets Shrek and his friends (Fiona, Puss In Boots and Donkey) travel between two realities while they solve puzzles, fight Rumplestiltskin’s army and gain experience and skills.

Playing the game is like watching the movie: special effects, animation and environments are crisp and full of detail and almost match the quality of the computer animation used in the film.

Players’ response times, movements and interaction with other characters is smooth with no lag time, funky overlaps or unnecessary awkward moves. Follow Shrek as he suddenly finds himself in a wickedly twisted version of his reality where ogres are hunted, Rumplestiltskin is ruler, no one knows who Shrek is and nothing is as Shrek remembers it.
Shrek must set things right, find his true love and save his friends. Each character has their own unique abilities and with perseverance can obtain coins to acquire new skills and upgrades. It’s a unique Ogre opportunity to make Shrek’s fairy tale have a happy ending. Shrek Forever After is rated E10 for cartoon violence comic mischief and mild lyrics.