Monday, June 21, 2010

Betty And Veronica Double Digest #s 180 & 181

Before I get to my review I'd like to say a few things about Archie Comics.  While it's true that the "Big 2" comic book publishers get most of the press Archie Comics has  slowly and methodically introduced new changes and innovative new publishing variations on a regular basis.
For example: Archie Comics publishes its digest size comics containing both new and reprint stories and it reprints in trade paper back some its most recent story arches and classic strips from decades gone by.  In addition, a new slicker paper stock has been introduced on some titles, a brand new look or more realistic art style has been tested on a number of stories, daring new storylines have been tried and tested such as Archie's imaginary marriages to Veronica and then Betty, the soon to be introduction of a gay character, an expansion of its titles and a commitment to continue publishing its current titles.  And that's just a few of the exciting and innovative publishing concepts introduced.
I admire Archie Comics because unlike many of the more high profile publishers Archie Comics keeps its stories clean, fun and untainted by such things as the "Dark" period seen in so many other publishers books.  Archie Comics books read today could have just as been easily published twenty years ago.  Is it any wonder the company is still around?
Anyway, on to the review.  In issues #180 and #181 of Betty And Veronica Double Digest the main story focuses on Betty's decision to tryout and eventually join the Riverdale Baseball Team.  To the surprise of everyone, including herself, she becomes a team member.  Her new status causes quite a stir among both the male baseball players and many of her female friends.
This story showcases how barriers are made to be broken when it comes to sports, business or any other career pursuit.  Women should have the right to choose their profession or sport and Archie Comics handles the conflict perfectly in a clever story arch set in a realistic setting and populated by realistic teenagers.  I applaud Archie Comics for taking on such a story without resorting to a cliché confrontational showdown.
Besides the main story both Digests contain some hilarious Archie hi-jinx along with some fashion sense Katy Keene stories.  Pick up both books today.

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