Friday, June 4, 2010

Holmes, Defenders, Animals, Valiant, Olympians, Stories and Adventures

Mill Creek Entertainment combs film archives for some of the best classic animated series, movies and live action movies and coverts them to DVDs for all to enjoy.

With the recent success of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, movie goers are taking a new interest in the classic adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s pipe smoking detective’s earlier cinema adventures.

Included in the 5-disc set are the entire 39 episodes of the American TV series and eight feature films. Actor Christopher provides and introduction to this wonderful collection of Edwardian detective thrillers.

Several other classic novel, comic strip and Pulp figures join forces to stop the merciless Ming. Look for Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrak The Magician and Lothar and their young offspring as they team up to protect mankind as The Defenders OF THE Earth. The entire 65 episode animated series is included on 5-discs.

Small children are sure to love the 52 episodes of Animal Stories that run like modern day Aesop Tales. The winner of the prestigious Best Pre-School Animation Award of 2001, Animal Stories centers episodes on different animals while inter-mingling important life lessons.

Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant still runs today in newspapers. At its height the cartoon script was read and enjoyed by millions. It was even translated to a feature film starring Robert Wagner.

For the first time all 65 episodes of the animated series are brought together on 5-discs. Follow Prince Valiant in The Legend OF Prince Valiant as he begins his Quest For Camelot with lots of magic, warriors and damsels thrown in the mix. Animated to match the style of the newspaper strip, The Legend OF Prince Valiant is an epic animated series with plenty of adventure, action, sword-play and epic battles between good and evil. Look for voice actor interviews and commentaries.

I loved the Italian muscle man movies of the 1950’s and 1960’s, especially those starring Steve Reeves as Hercules.

Where else could you get lots of muscle-bound warriors pounding the living daylights out of each other, loads of magic and monsters and those girls-whew!

Get ready for some mythological mayhem as Mill Creek Entertainment takes you back in time to the age of Hercules complete with more action and adventure than you can imagine. Go ahead; indulge yourself, a little muscle-bound mayhem never hurt anyone.

Incredible stories and Classic Adventures translate literary masterpieces into full-length animated tales adapted for the small screen. Look for a huge cross-section of stories such as Ben Hur, Ivanhoe, The Mysterious Island, Journey To The Center Of The Earth and over a dozen other classic stories. It’s the perfect way to introduce children to classic of literature while making them visually exciting.

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