Monday, June 21, 2010

Legends Of The Guard #1

When David Petersen's Mouse Guard became a runaway hit everyone was surprised, especially David.  More than just a story about cute mice, Mouse Guard contains all the elements of a grand fantasy adventure including monsters, magic, warriors and more.
Archaia presents three new tales of the Mouse Guard in its Legends Of The Guard #1.  In this issue a local tavern owner challenges three patrons to a contest.  Should one of them come up with the best story containing one truth, one lie and never told in the tavern before their bar tab will be wiped clean.  If not, they must pay their full tab in one week.
The three tales include a showdown between the Hawk's mouse and the Fox's mouse, by Jerry Bastain, an encounter between a lovelorn mouse and an injured bat by Ted Naifeh and the untimely death of a rider caused by his steed from Alex Sheiman.
Each tale is beautifully illustrated and colored and is a worthy companion to David Petersen's own stellar work on the series.

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