Friday, June 4, 2010

Safari To The Eighth Power

Eight new figures have just been released from Safari Ltd.: ranging from dinosaurs to a Centaur. As with all Safari Ltd. figures each one is expertly sculpted, nicely detailed, accurate to scale and surface texture and coloring, paint application is crisp with no slop over lines between pigments and no flashing is apparent for the molding process.

Travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Take to the sea with the serpentine Mosasaurus. You can almost picture it gliding its light gray and white aerodynamic torso through the water propelled by its four fins and a paddle-like tail. Watch out for its large maw lined with razor sharp teeth!

Take flight with the Rhamphorhynchus as this deadly predator of the sky flaps its huge membrane wings and whips its long tail. Colored in multiple shades of brown this killer of the sky sports nasty looking claws and a mouth only a mother could love. Ouch!

With its large armor plated side, back and tail ridges the Kentrosaurus is a multi-green stomping machine as its easily walks across most terrain on its hammer-like feet with its large spiked tail held high and its side front spikes protruding to ward off any interlopers.

A modern day cousin of the huge thunder lizards is the Iguana. Safari Ltd. has done an excellent job of recreating the creature with its rough skin, long claws and toes, snake-like tail, body markings, large open maw with lower jaw skin flap and curiously intelligent looking eyes.

Learn all about the Life Cycle Of A Frog with Safari Ltd.'s five-stage depiction of the event starting with the eggs and moving on to the tadpole, tadpole without gills, tadpole with legs and finally the adult frog. Fascinating!

Don’t you just love cute little critters? And what’s not to love about the Guinea Pig. It’s absolutely adorable with its short stubby brown and white, fuzzy body, small ears and black button eyes. Its little pink feet are almost hidden by its plump body and its tiny mouth is almost lost on its pink snout. Awww!

What a crab! No, I’m not describing someone’s attitude I’m talking about Safari Ltd’s Blue Crab. Painted multiple greens and blues this crustacean is a flat, fast beach comber that looks like something from another planet with its eight legs, two large claws, triangular body and black eyes and hidden maw. Good thing it’s not a real crab-we Southern folks love our Blue Crabs, especially for food!

Time to cross the veil to a Mystical Realm and confront the half human, half horse Centaur. This muscular mix of man and beast is dressed in full body armor made of leather and metal. In one hand he carries a large bronze shield and raised in his other hand is a huge mace. Best be careful around this bearded warrior, you might just find yourself flat on your back looking up at his hooves!

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