Monday, July 19, 2010

Bugs And Daffy

"Wabbit season!"  Duck season!" "Wabbit season!"  "Duck season!"

Whether you like wabbits (er, rabbits) or ducks, you're sure to love the animated adventures of that rascally rabbit Bug Bunny and his avian adversary Daffy Duck in Warner Bros. two new DVDs presenting 15 cartoon classics each.
Newly remastered and for the first time on DVD Bugs Bunny, Hare Extraordinaire, is showcased in some of his most memorable adventures including take-offs of Mutiny On the Bunny, Napoleon Bunny-Part and Apes Of Wrath. 
Unlike Disney cartoons the Warner Bros. cartoons pushed the edge of slapstick humor, innuendo and hair brain antics.  Bugs Bunny was at his best when he faced off against Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck along with other Warner Bros. animation favorites.
Daffy Duck, Frustrated Fowl, was the foil of Bugs.  He tried to be clever and evasive but only managed to get himself further in trouble.
No matter what situation Daffy found himself in he always managed to come out the worse for wear.  For some hilarious feathered, frenzied fun and frivolity check out Daffy's new DVD collection.

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