Friday, July 30, 2010

Fangoria #296, September

As if Resident Evil isn't scary enough now it's coming at you in 3D with the release of Afterlife. Fangoria jumps in with another 3D movie, Piranha, The Last Exorcism puts the devil in her and Dark Shadows is remembered.

Machete is a real cut up, never work in the Sweatshop, stay out of the Valley Of The Scarecrow, Jason Dark is a Ghost Hunter and it's hard to navigate the Sea Of Dust.

Open your mind and enter the Void, The Terror Tube looks back at a classic Twilight Zone TV show episode, Kogar returns, get that haunting feeling at FrightFest and return to the heyday of 3D cinema.

Get ready to see Saw VII, discover when Roger Corman cleared the beach, walk on the Wilde side with Dorian Gray and celebrate 30 years of Contamination.

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