Friday, July 16, 2010

Fantasy, History And Reality

Safari Ltd. mixes up a healthy dose of reality and fantasy in its latest batch of high quality, expertly crafter and painted, super-detailed figures.  If you're new to what Safari Ltd. has to offer you'll be pleasantly surprised by the artistry that goes into each piece.  Paint application matches fur, clothing, surface texture and look of whatever creature or person is represented.  Sculpting of each figure is tight and crisp with no funky flashing or sloppy handwork.  I especially like the way each figure or creature is posed.  No static figures these, each looks as if it were real with arms and legs raised, torso twisted with unique personalities shining through.  Several different scales are available.  Whatever scale you choose you can be sure you're getting a quality product at a great price.  Is it any wonder why so many Safari Ltd. figures are found in specialty stores, toys stores, retailers and museums?  Quality always shines through.
Everyone needs a little fantasy in their life now and again.  Safari Ltd. has just the thing, or things, to help you give form to your fantasy.
Fairies have always been a favorite fantasy subject. Safari Ltd.'s Fairy Tea Party Set is just your cup of tea.  Two gossamer winged Fairies sit around a flower petal table pouring tea, eating sweets and chatting about things Fairies often do.  One Fairy is dressed in gold and aqua, the other in lavender and deep pink.  Both wear pointed shoes and sit upon brown, red and white mushrooms.
Lucy The Fairy sits upon a bright red Cardinal.  She smiles and waves as she holds on tight to her winged steed.  Her long golden hair flutters in the wind and her maturing translucent aqua wings seem to shimmer.  She comes dressed in yellow and aqua and comes with a silver tiara in her hair.
Speaking of fairies check out Safari Ltd.'s Fairy Fantasy Toob choke full of these delightful creatures.  Young and old Fairies come contained each with their own unique outfit from casual to a crowned and formally dressed Fairy with a golden wand.  Two different type of fantasy figures include a white Baby Unicorn with lavender ribbons in its mane and tail and two ferocious dragons. 
The yellow and red Horned Chinese Dragon with black accents and whiskered face and twin brown horns is long and serpentine with large scales on its curved back, four talon front feet and three talon back feet.  
The Forest Dragon is green like its keepsake and has giant bat-like wings, a brown/red row of fins running down its spine and powerful talon hands and feet.  I love the expression on its broad face resplendent with twin horns, heavy brow ridges and sharp teeth.
Two Asian Elephants with trunks raised look as if they are walking along slowly.  Each has heavy feet with deeper gray nails, small intelligent eyes, small ears, a bushy end tail and fully textured hide.
It's time to monkey around with Safari Ltd.'s Bornean Orangutan.  Almost comical in appearance this massively muscled simian holds its weigh up on its front arms while it leans forward on its back legs.  A brooding intelligence can be seen in its deep set eyes sunk in its gray face with large side flaps, red beard and formidable teeth..
The Chimpanzee With Baby is all mother as it scurries along with its clinging infant firmly holding onto her back.   Mother and child looks as if they are in a hurry.  A Coyote and Coyote Pup looks startlingly real painted in light grays with white, black and brown mixed furs.  The Pup howls as if seeking its mother.  The black mane, face, tail and lower legs Icelandic Horse struts its heavy body like the mighty steed it is.
The Atlantic Puffin is a short squat little bird with black and white feathers, a multi-color beak, squinty eyes and flat orange, webbed feet.
the prehistoric Ichthyosaurus holds a crustacean in its long multi-teeth snout.  This sleek predator is multi-color as it almost matches the varying colors of the oceans it swims in.  The Cryolophsaurus is a deadly looking land predator with long serpentine tail, grasping front clawed hands, large fang filled mouth and purple armor turned back head plate. 
Audrey rides her horse Streaming Light.  The beautiful horse is black and white with oversize mane and tail.  Audrey is dressed in blue jeans, red shirt and boots and white cowboy hat over her long blond hair.  The Safari People Toob is filled with, you guessed it, people.  Look for a mailman, police officer, fireman and more in this people packed package of play.

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