Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Horror, Mystery and Animated

Get ready to be shocked, scared, amazed, puzzled and surprised by five new DVD sets from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Get ready for some classic horror flicks like your father and grandfather used to watch with a triple threat of terrifying cinema that explores every aspect of the horror and suspense genres.

Cult Terror Cinema is a twelve movie collection of some classic “B” horror flicks starring some actors and actresses before they became big name superstars.

Look for chillers such as Bloodlust starring Robert Reed, one of the first horror movies to feature teenagers on a deserted island or Donald Pleasant starring in Land Of The Minotaur with Peter Cushing where a mythical being has spawned a cult of worshippers. These and ten other chillers will provide hours of late night chills and thrills.

Blood Suckers also comprises twelve movies only this collection centers on recent vampire movies. With the sudden popularity of vampires here’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some films that set the stage for the current wave of vampire films. “They’ll win your heart and then devour your soul.”

Twelve more movies make up the Blood Bath collection. Take horror to a whole new level with some of the scariest and most visually terrifying films ever made. If you like blood and guts and plenty of knife-slashing, throat-cutting, body-dismemberment and devil-indwelling horror then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s just hope you’re lucky enough to leave when it’s all over.

The Dark Oracle DVD collection contains all 26 episodes of the live action/animated series that stars Cally and Lance Stone, two teenagers who find themselves transported to a comic book world. While there they meet their evil animated alter egos and discover what happens in their animated world affects their real world. Thrill to their adventures as they try to stay one step ahead of their evil alter egos and stop them from entering the real world. In addition two episodes of the animated series Treasure and Mona The vampire are included.

Do you love a good mystery? Are you a believer in government cover-ups and conspiracies? Then you’re sure to the love America’s 60 Greatest Mysteries & Crimes. Look for short clips on Bigfoot, Area 51, famous unsolved murders, celebrity disappearances, historical whodunits and much more in this fascinating examination of all things mysterious and strange.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Archie’s Pal Jughead #202

Archie’s friend Jughead stars as Semi-Private Eye Jughead Jones in Part 1 of a series of stories running in the Jughead comic book.

In his first private-eye adventure everyone is surprised at how observant Jughead is about noticing little details. Jughead has become fascinated by the onscreen adventures and mysteries of celluloid detectives and has taken it upon himself to emulate their exploits and look-even taking it so far as to wearing a trench coat!

When Dilton approaches Jughead about solving a robbery mystery in order to help his new friend Mora Lyte (and to impress her), Jughead agrees under the condition that Dilton feed him for his efforts. He would have been better off paying his expenses! It certainly would have been cheaper.

Mora’s father, an inventor, has had his new invention stolen. The security guard on duty spotted the thief who mysteriously disappeared. Jughead examines the crime scene and what he concludes puts a whole new light on the crime. Needless to say he solves the crime and things turn out for the best.

This was a fun story to read and slightly out of the ordinary for Jughead. Archie Comics continues to reexamine, revamp and reinvigorate its titles. Is it any wonder that national media is starting to take notice!?

Monday, August 23, 2010


“You’re the one that I want!” “Greased Lightnin’!” “Wella, wella, well…” If those phrases sound familiar then you’re a Grease fan. The successful Broadway show and #1 movie musical of all-time has been made into a Wii video game by the folks at 505 Games.

Relive those wondrous Rock ‘n Roll days of yesteryear in the video game that brings cool to video gaming. Join the Pink Ladies and the T-birds as they bring down the house at Rydell High School. It’s Thunder Road excitement as you play a variety of mini-games, sing songs from the film, dance and hang out with Sandy, Danny and the rest of the gang of Greasers.

Fix up the Greased Lightnin’, sing along, dance and even put your face on one of the characters. Think of it as classic Rock ‘n Roll wrapped up in a neat little Nintendo video game that brings the 1950’s back. Race, pillow fight, play sports, sleepover or settle a score with teachers-it’s Greaser heaven and you’re invited.

Look for killer graphics, toe-tapping and hand jivin’ songs and enough dance moves to liven up any party or better yet-start one!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Knights, Egypt, Tree And Cave

"What ho yon varlet!" "I challenge thee to a joust." "Truly then we will see who deserves the mantle of a knight." "Fetch my horse, shield, sword, lance and bludgeon!" "Have at ye!" "For king, queen and country!"

Safari Ltd. travels back to the days of knights, lords and ladies with its horse and knight figures taken from the pages of Medieval history. Any descriptions I give to the figures will seem inadequate. These are truly eye-popping figures. The attention to detail is astounding as well at the paint application, historical accuracy and sculpting.

Each knight with horse is posed as if the knight and steed are in action. Cloths and covering appear to be ruffled by the wind and the stances of both the steeds and knights fairly ripple with motion. These are not static figures. The look as if they were taken right off the battlefield. Weapons are raised and horses are in stride as both riders and mounts synchronized to make short work of any enemy.

Here's what you get. Look for a knight in silver armor with yellow and blue lance, helmet and shoulder accents with a leopard and horn decorated helmet. The horse is similarly decorated in yellow and blue with head and neck armor. Leopard symbols decorate both the knight and horse.

Gold and silver are the colors of the leopard and horn helmeted knight and horse with armor. These looks very similar to the first pairing but with a different color scheme.

The swan knight rides his draped, white cloth steed with feather head decoration and red accents on stirrups and saddle. The knight holds a silver sword and white shield decorated in heraldic symbols also seen on his cape and the horse's coverings.

Twin blue wings decorate the silver, red and yellow knight with mace and shield. His horse is decorated in similar colors with gold stirrups and full cloth coverings.

The red wind blue knight has yellow and red accents and also carries a shield and mace and his horse is also decorated in blue, red and yellow with red wings.

"Walk like an Egyptian!" That's exactly what you'll do when you check out Safari Ltd.'s Egyptian figures. Look for the Thoth and four Egyptian warriors: one with a club knife and staff, a spear thrower with axe and shield, an archer with bow and quiver and a warrior with large shield and curved sword. All are dressed in traditional Egyptian clothing with appropriate decorations, sandals, jewelry and armor.

Go on Safari with the Discovery Rock Cave complete with vines, rough rock exterior and large cave opening. While you're at it why not climb the Pine Tree that measures and impressive seven inches tall after assembly?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kurtis, McLaren, Outlaw, Viper, Dart, ZR1 And Skyhawk

Rev it up and get ready to burn rubber with six new Revell/Monogram cars that are made for speed and high performance!

The Kurtis Kraft Racer is a yellow, single-passenger race car with full-length side chrome exhaust pipes slightly bent upward to mount over the rear wheels. 1:24 Scale and requiring a Level 2 model making skill, the Racer is a scaled down version of the premiere racing car from the 1950s. It clocked in 170 miles per hour.

The model consists of 50 pieces, comes with two figures (driver and mechanic) and toolbox and features a hood that opens to reveal powerful engine. The front steering mechanism also works. Very impressive.

Equally impressive is Monogram's Model Racing McLaren M6A, #5 Dennis "Denny" Hulme, 1:32 Scale racer painted in deep yellow with full interior and exterior details. Look for chrome wheels, oversize tires, full body decals, front and rear scoops, rear mounted engine with exposed chrome header and roll bar and helmeted driver dressed in white. Zoom!

The Outlaw designed by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth is a custom hotrod with oversize, whitewall rear tires mounted on chrome wheels, front chrome spoke wheels, full chrome engine with six oversize side exhaust pipes, twin passenger compartment customized in blue and white, vertical windshield and front wing fenders.

My daughter would love this next car. She loves snakes and the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR is a low profile racer, made for speed, stealth and lightning fast response time. SSSSSuper!

This two-passenger racer is painted black and white with solid black wheels, six front engine cooling vents, integrated lights and grill, oversize rear stabilizer, bubble hood, periscope side mirrors and a black, white and red V-16 engine that can be seen with the hood open. It's part of the Revell Performance line of 1:24 Scale, Level 2 series.

The '68 Dodge Dart Hemi is a wedge shaped muscle car that can be customized as either red with hood scoop or deep green street model. Both cars sport chrome wheels, flat front grills with inset lights, large front and racer chrome bumpers and customized engines either as a 440 or Hemi. Look for full interior details and with the red racing model a full set of decals is also included.

For the ultimate sports car check out the Revell Corvette ZR1. This red bullet is a powerful two-seater styled in the famous shark profile common with Corvettes.

This is truly a beautiful car with its bright red finish, body integrated lights, grill and bumpers and chrome, spoke wheels. Even better, it's a convertible! Drop the roof and open the hood to display the full interior and engine compartment details.

Although not a car the A-4 Skyhawk Blue Angels jet is modeled in 1:48 Scale and requires a Level 2 modeler's skill. The jet is painted in a deep blue with yellow wing and body details and comes with a pilot and working landing gear.

Horror Movie Freak

What is it about horror movies that make us frightened and draws us in like moths to a flame? Author Don Summer and Krause Publications explore what makes horror films so much fun in their new Horror Movie Freak book that explores the history of horror films, starting with the early classics.

Films are broken down into categories such as zombie, monsters, etc. and explores each genre and what makes them so appealing and fun to watch.

Filled with over 130 films commentaries, including horrific black and white and color photos, the book is a real feast for those who love horror films.

Discover why bloody, gory, chilling and repulsive horror films have captivated audiences for decades. If you love horror films then you’re sure to love Horror Movie Freak.

Cougar Town

Courteney Cox (Friends) returns to TV in a new series that explores life after 40. Courteney plays Jules, a recently divorced woman, who suddenly finds herself available and not quite sure how to handle it.

Besides contending with kids, Jules must step in when her two best friends constantly go at each other, put up with her ex-husband hanging around more than when they were married and trying to act cool whenever the sexy recently divorced neighbor is around.

ABC Studios/Disney presents the full First Season on DVD of the hilarious new series that pokes fun at the notion that 40 is the new 20. Also included in the DVD set are bloopers, deleted scenes, a featurette and a trio of hilarious send-offs.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Battle For All Time

Hasbro/Wizards Of The Coast's Heroscape Dungeons & Dragons Collection D2, for ages 8+, includes 20 new creatures and figures pre-painted and sculpted for gamers.

Four sets make up the selection. All come five per bubble pack with a full-color cut-out illustration highlighting the enclosed figures.

Sets include:

Veterans Of The Last War: three armored Warriors, one red cloaked Wizard and one giant Werewolf.

Ogre And The Goblins: one Ogre Warhulk, four small Goblins.

Heroes Of Khorvaire: Fire Giant Shurrak, Mika Conner the Warrior, Heirloom the Wizard, Rhogar Dragonspine the Paladin and Kurrok the Hobgoblin Elementalist.

Golem And The Wymlings: one Iron Golem and four Dragon Wyrmlings (red, black, blue and white).

Figure sets include three, four or six cards and one Treasure Glyph. Heroes Of Khorvaire also includes two Shadow Tiles and Veterans Of The Last War also includes three Lycanthropy Markers.

All of the figures are crisply painted and sculpted and look great in any game campaign.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life with Archie #1, September

In these scary economics times its shows a real commitment to innovation and speculation that Archie Comics ventures into a whole new arena of publishing-magazines!
That's right, Archie has gone newsstand with the first issue of Life With Archie that "expands" Archie's universe into a bold new area.

Life With Archie follows up on the "Married" story arch previously seen in Archie titles. While the comic books dealt primarily with Archie marrying Veronica or Betty in what many consider "imaginary" stories, the magazine looks at both fictional marriages as the years progress.

Aptly titled "Betty Vs. Veronica" twin stories focuses on the ins and outs of Archie's married life should he decide to marry either girl. Readers will follow Archie as he lives through triumphs and failures and deals with the everyday and sometimes not so ordinary aspects of married life.

Besides the two main feature stories readers choose who would play each of the Archie Comics characters if Archie ever comes to the big screen, look for a insert poster and an interview with Archie Comics co-CEO, Jon Goldwater.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hotwire: Deep Cut #1

Steve Pugh's and Warren Ellis's bleached hair, cyberpunk, ghost hunter: Hotwire is back in a brand new storyline and I couldn't be more pleased.

Hotwire is a totally unique character in comic books. She's brash, sassy, has an attitude and a huge I.Q. to back up her huge ego. She's all business when it comes to hunting down Blue-Lights (ghosts who stick around and refuse to leave) who decide to cause trouble in the land of the living.
In issue #1 of Deep Cut readers discover a little bit about Hotwire's (Alice Hotwire) past. Home-schooled and hot-housed by a community of scientists, Alice left the science community when her mother was killed.

Drugging herself up to lower her high I.Q. Alice drifted from club to club, drinking herself into oblivion and hanging around with an anti-everything loser.

When the loser is killed after taunting a nearby ghost, Alice begins her slow recovery and eventually heads up a special police division that deals with wayward ghosts.

Badly injured in her last encounter with Blue-Lights, Alice sequestered herself in her apartment for six months, refusing to answer phone calls from her associates-until a mechanized Blue-Light causes trouble. Things have only begun to get interesting.

Hotwire: Deep Cut from Radical Publishing is a great read. It's characters are fully-realized individuals with distinct personalities and the story grabs you from the first page. If any comic book property deserves to be made into a movie-Hotwire is it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Discover Your Inner Hermit Crab

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Sherman the shark returns in his Fifteenth Sherman's Lagoon Collection by Jim Toomey and published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

This time around Sherman deals with his fear of sea snakes, Hawthorne's unique take on the Zen Garden, whale weight, Fillmore's fear of commitment, the collapse of the seaside economy caused by Sherman, Bonaparte the seagull's "targeting" of beach goers, the Grappler, fresh giant Squid and many other seafaring antics both under and over the waves.

It's Sherman at his fishy best as he and his underwater cast of kooky characters prove that life under the oceans is not that much different than that on land-idiots are still idiots!

What's Past

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to Mr. Scott after the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Relics"? Yeah, he was given his own shuttlecraft as a gift of gratitude by Captain Picard for saving the Enterprise, but what did he do? Where did he go?After all, he had been in transporter stasis for over 75 years. His family and friends were long gone. His engineering skills were hopelessly outdated and he wasn't getting any younger.

Well wonder no more. Pocket Books' Star Trek Corps of Engineers series of books, the newest being What's Past, answers all of your questions.
 Scotty stars in a number of adventures both in and out of the Federation and just so to keep things interesting Pocket Books also includes a number of other stories centered on the Corps Of Engineers that are sure to satisfy any Star Trek fan.

My favorite tales are about Scotty but I found a number of the other stories interesting and fun reads. Look for tales about the Cardassians, Dr. Katherine Polaski, Geordi La Forge, Starbase Vanguard and several other tales of the Federation and its allies and enemies.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August, Previews

Diamond Previews for August, containing information about new merchandise coming out in October, is packed with lots of goodies just in time to begin starting your Christmas gift list.New comic books include Turok, Son Of Stone, Chaos War, Pilot Season: Crosshair, Untold Tales Of Blackest Night, Bruce Wayne-The Road Home titles, Batman: The Return, Batman: Hidden Treasures, Knight & Squire, DCU Halloween Special, JLA/The 99, Ragman: Suit Of Souls, DC Comics Presents titles, Red: Prequel Special, End Of Nations, Red Specials, Victorian Undead Special, Transformers: Prime, Spike, Angel Vs. Frankenstein II, Star Trek: Captain's Log: Jellico, Star Trek: Khan: Ruling In Hell, End Of Doom, Silent Hill: Past Life, Pilot Season titles, Uncanny X-Force, Tron: The Betrayal, Carnage, Prometheus, Ultimate Comics Thor, Iron Man: Titanium, Loki, Tomb OF Terror, Deadpoolmax, Superior, Megamind, Warlord Of Mars, Night Of The Living Dead, Soldier Zero and Lady Death.

Magazine and books to read are Jim Silke's Jungle Girls, Stan Lee's How To Draw Comics, 75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking, Pop Sculpture, Star Wars: Visions, The Pixar Treasures, The Peanuts Collection and Simpsons World.

Trading cards to pick out are Marvel Heroes & Villains.

Toys to play with include Star Wars, Halo, Star Trek, Hero: 108, Brightest Day, Michael Jackson, Doctor Who and much more.

Game on with Battletech, D&D Gamma World, DC HeroClix, Smallville RPG and Magic.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Micro Traveler 900S Wireless Mouse

When Genius states that its new 2.4GHz Wireless Notebook Mouse is a Micro Traveler (68mm) it isn't kidding! Although small in size the Micro Traveler 900S delivers in a big way!Compatible both with Mac and PC, the Notebook Mouse clocks in at 1200 dpi, includes a Stick N Go Mount, Pico Receiver and a AAA battery.

The multi-lingual User's Manual guides you effortlessly through the installation process and after a few clicks and snaps you're up a running with a minimum of fuss.

The Mouse's small size makes transporting it easy and because it takes up so little space it allows you to easily carry along with your Notebook. The two-button, single wheel Mouse fits snuggly in your hand and performs just like it larger cousins.

Just to demonstrate how well the Mouse performs I used it on my HP desktop. It actually has a faster response time than my standard wireless Mouse and a much smoother refresh rate. How's that for performance!?