Saturday, September 18, 2010

DC Legacies #5

Who better to illustrate the DC Legacies issue about the Crisis On Infinite Earths than the original artists of the ground-breaking series, George Perez!? No one can illustrate universe-spanning and multi-character stories than George. And in issue #5 of DC Legacies, appropriately titled, Crisis, George does not disappoint. He draws literally hundreds of characters-all with their own look and facial features.

Written by Len Wein, the story starts off when the DC Universe suddenly steps over to the dark side as illustrated by the sudden homicidal change in the Joker. Soon the dark infection spreads across all of DC's multiverses ultimately culminating in the destruction and merging of all the multiverses into one.

Look for lots of characters shifts and changes, the introduction of new super groups, both good and bad, new threats, new foes, the dead alive again and much more. It's pure George Perez action that takes your breath away.

A special back-up story illustrated by Walt Simonson about Adam Strange, Tommy Tomorrow and Space Ranger is an additional nostalgic treat.

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