Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fangoria #297, October

Fangoria #297 for October shambles along with The Walking Dead in the new TV series that proves that a showing rating can be in the grave. Hatchet takes another swing in the sequel movie, Barbara Shelley of Hammer movie fame talks about her career, get read to see Saw in 3D and check out the rest of this very special Halloween Special.

Monster Invasion looks at some newly released films and merchandise including The Ward, Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell, Let Me In and more. Revisit Psychomania where you're Born To Be Undead, visit the New Darkhouse, beware the Suck Factor, get ready for some patriotic mayhem in Red, White & Blue Nightmare, the Devil takes you to new highs and lows in an elevator and never date a woman who will Spit On Your Grave. After Dark Originals has some Bloody Fresh Frights and there's a few movies that deserve to go to the Trash Compactor.

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