Friday, October 29, 2010

NBA 2K11

Without a doubt Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player that ever lived. His incredible jumps, twirls, basket throwing skills, speed and agility are the stuff of legends. Michael no longer plays basketball but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch him play.

2K Sports’ new NBA 2K11 video game, rated ‘E’ for everyone, brings Michael back to the courts. Only this time you control the action as you put Michael through his paces as you relive ten of his most legendary games. Replicate his achievements in all ten games and unlock the MJ: Creating a Legend mode.

Boasting some of the most realistic basketball moves imaginable the games lets you seamlessly transition from move to move with no lag time or pause. Swoop, scoop, dribble, throw, jump, run or swivel, it makes no difference the maneuver, you’ve got the smooth moves that only MJ can deliver.

Basketball is not all about action just on the court. If you’re a big name like MJ then you have to deal with the press and all the fame that goes with your stellar career. Get ready to face the press, endorse products, deal with trade requests and more.

Another cool feature is NBA Today that provides real world NBA news, stats, halftime shows and commentaries.

NBA 2K11 is like being at an actual game with incredible graphics (player features are amazing), all the flash and splash of a real basketball game with crowd reactions, announcers and more and smooth game play with multiple characters that is seamless, realistic and fast-paced.

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