Thursday, October 7, 2010


Meet former cop and current private investigator Matt Richter. He’s been in law enforcement and investigative work for years. Just how many years? Long enough to die and come back as zombie-a freewill zombie.

Matt is just one of Nekropolis’s citizens-that nether world situated in an alternate universe where the living dead, monsters, ghoulies and other creepy crawlies live.

A horrific mirror image of a typical city-if you call typical a city having living cabs, buildings that breath and look bigger on the inside than the outside and controlled by a governance board of vampires.

In Nekropolis the impossible is possible and since the city is populated by demons and other nasties, the crime rate is rampant. Enter Matt Richter. He manages to eke out a living and has cemented quite a reputation for himself as a hardnosed, tough-as-nails P.I. who always managed to get the job done.

His reputation recently brought him to the attention of the ruling vampire’s half-breed daughter who is in charge of his extensive collection of artifacts. One of those artifacts, the Dawnstone, has been stolen. The daughter, Devona, is desperate to get it back without letting her father know its missing. It seems he has a nasty disposition-one you do not want to cross.

Together Devona and Matt search the city until they come up with a clue as to what power the Dawnstone has. Evidently it is a piece of the sun and if it is used in Nekropolis any vampire will perish. It’s up to Matt to find it before it can be used during the annual time of renewal when the Darklords pool their power to keep the city alive. At that time they are at their weakest and susceptible to the stone’s power.

Author Tim Waggoner has created a totally unique character-a zombie P.I. with a heart of gold and a knack for taking on the moist improbable of assignments. Laced with dark humor and tense moments intertwined with some of the most original characters and locations ever imaged, Nekropolis, published by Angry Robot, is to die for.

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