Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tomica Hypercity

One of the biggest toy phenomenons to hit Japan in the last few years is Tomy Tomica Plarail Hypercity. The Plarail is a miniature toy train system designed for kids 4 years and older (and adult fans) that consist of dozens of trains and now interlocking playsets that continue to expand the world of Plarail.

Hypercity adds to the fun with two new Plarail playsets and train. All are packed with detail and extras and make playing trains a whole new experience. Tomica Plarail Hypercity has just hit the United States and if the quality, durability and incredible details mean anything then these new toys are sure to be a big hit in the U.S.A. and rightly so.
The Tomica Repair Garage is a huge playset that consists of a Die-Cast Mazda MPV, three small articulated figures (2 customers, 1 station attendant), the shop building with transparent sliding doors that actually work, a garage with working ramp, sidewalk and road sections, trees, street lights, signs, flags, planters and guard rails.

Road and walk sections snap together and all of the accessories attach securely to the assembled base. All of the pieces consist of pre-colored molded plastic and a small sheet of sign stickers is also included.

Pieces easily fit together and can be taken apart and stored in the attraction display box. The interior compartment is compartmentalized making it easy to store the various pieces.

The playset is a snap to put together, is packed with little details such as the interior station wall details and when combined with other playsets can make an entire city.

The Mini Gas Pump Set is a small corner section comprised of a Die-Cast Toyota Harrier, one gas attendant figure, a gas pump with base, several pavement sections, a street lamp, a traffic sign, a guard rail and a tree.

Check out the pump’s front and back decal details and removable pump handle. What makes this playset so enjoyable is that unlike many similar toys this playset provides all a child needs to complete the set and yet can be attached to other Hypercity playsets.

What would a city be without a train and one of the coolest Hypercity trains is the Fire Liner. This red beauty has an engine and two cars. The engine can transform into telescoping dual compartment rescue vehicles with opening canopies.

The motorized middle has a roof that opens with flashing lights and the rear car sports twin rescue ladders that pivot and turn with a hinged rescue pod that raises and lowers. A small firefighter figure is also included.

The engine and two cars snap together and are powered by the second car’s engine. Additional cars may be added.

Each of the Hypercity’s playsets and trains are ruggedly constructed, have lots of details with clean crisp paint and decal application (no slopovers or messy edges) and make for hours of playing time pleasure.

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