Thursday, November 25, 2010

500 Manga Villains And Heroes

Yishan Li, renowned Manga artist and studio head, presents 500 Manga Villains And Heroes, published by Collins Design.

Filled with an enormous collection of Manga characters of all type designed by Yishan herself, the book is a collection of Manga clipart that lets readers chooses their figures from the accompanying CD. Manga students can then create their own scenes using the characters without having to draw them.

Besides a handy clipart library the book is an excellent visual resource for young Manga artists to learn from. The CD also includes detailed information on poses, settings, moods, expressions, characteristics and costumes.

All the characters are printed in black outline. This allows a Manga artist hopeful to practice coloring the figures. However you decide to use the information and figures in the book, 4500 Manga Villains And Heroes is an excellent resource for any Manga artist.

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