Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Barbie A Rare Beauty

No one was prepared for the success of the Barbie line of fashion dolls. When the first Barbie doll was released in 1959 from Mattel it was expected to be successful-no one was prepared for how successful!

For just over 50 years Barbie has captivated the imaginations of millions of young girls. She has gone on to be a true phenomenon with collectors paying thousands of dollars for vintage figures and cloths. Barbie clubs and conventions have cropped up all over the world. There have been many Barbie imitators released but none have reached the success of the original.

As Barbie’s popularity grew Mattel released other figures into Barbie’s world along with accessories, a whole wardrobe of clothes, special commemorative releases, vehicles and more. Barbie has expanded her role as a simple fashion model to take on the challenge of many professional roles like a doctor, nurse, military officer, astronaut and a plethora of important business and historical roles.

In Barbie A Rare Beauty, written and compiled by longtime Barbie collector and historian Sandi Holder and published by Krause Publications, readers follow the stellar career of the most famous doll in the world. Pages are filled with full-color photos of Barbie as seen through the decades. Look for rare and sought after outfits, special limited edition Barbie figures, play sets and so much more in this wonderful book commemorating a true American success story.

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