Friday, November 5, 2010

Blood Stone 007

It was just announced that the next James Bond movie won't begin filming until 2012! What's a Bond fan to do!?

Fortunately Activision has the solution: Blood Stone 007. Written by a Bond writer, the Bloodstone video game (for all consoles and rated 'T' for Teen) is set up like an actual Bond film. Look for plenty of twists and turns, hidden agendas, surprise allies and enemies, loads of action, spectacular fight and car/plane/boat chases and women-lots of beautiful women.

Blood Stone features some of the most innovative and impressive James Bond action and adventure ever imagined for film or video games. Follow Bond as he tries to track down and stop a dangerous stolen biochemical project before it's too late.

Featuring James Bond, as depicted by Daniel Craig, Blood Stone has some of the most exciting hand-to-hand and weapons combat ever realized. Visual effects add to excitement as Bond races all over Europe and the Far East in various cars (including his famous Aston Martin) and travels to some of the most stunning vistas on land, sea and in the air.

More than any other James Bond video game before it, Blood Stone is like being in a Bond movie. Go it alone or with MI6 and take on the most notorious and dangerous assassins, gunmen and henchmen in the world.

You will be blown away by the fast action, realistic environments and breath-taking colors and effects.

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