Saturday, November 6, 2010

Galaxie, Camaro, Patton, Star And Giant

I remember when I saw my first 1959 Ford Galaxie Skyline With Retractable Roof when I was a kid of six. I can still see it parked on the street and a man entering the driver's side. Suddenly, as if by magic, the hardtop roof started to separate from the body, slide back and quietly and smoothly folded itself into the car's now open rear trunk. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Revell/Monogram brings the past alive with its new 1959 Ford Galaxie Skyline With Retractable Roof Authentic Kit that works just like its namesake. You'll marvel at its engine and interior details, chrome wheels, bumpers and trim and the clear molded windshield and windows that, like it other parts, assemble with minimal flashing and a snug fit. Paint it up green and white and you have a facsimile of a much loved Ford classic automobile.

For a little more Motor City Muscle you'll want to check out the 2002 Camaro

2 'N 1 1:25 Scale model kit from Monogram that lets you choose either a snappy red and silver or yellow and black version of the powerful Camaro. Full engine details, tinted windshields and windows, front and rear lights and body details make either version a car lover's dream come true.

I love tanks and one of my favorites is the M48A2 Patton Tank. This heavy duty, treaded killing machine is all business with heavy body armor, swivel turret with gun and upper turret machine gun and driver mounted commander machine gun, communication antenna and accessories. It is one Love Bug that the enemy can never bat away. For an authentic replica of a land roving war machine nothing matches this model. Three figures are also included.

The F-80 Shooting Star jet fighter is one of the earliest American Air Force fighter jets made. The model completely disassembles revealing the full-length gas turbine engine. You can assemble it with landing gear up or down with the pilot in or out of the cockpit. Follow the paint and decal instructions to match the details seen on the original aircraft.

The HH-53C Super Jolly Green Giant lives up to its namesake. This massive helicopter has a five fin propeller, an oversize extended rear stabilizing propeller assemblage and enough interior room to carry a sizable troop assemble and light artillery. It boasts extra armor, heavy maintenance and a camouflage paint scheme that made it difficult to spot during combat rescue missions in Vietnam.

I love the cockpit and body details as well as the landing gear assemblage, rear door ramp and extra fuel tanks, maintenance and body details.

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