Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moltenclaw's Invasion

Unfortunately Hasbro/Wizards Of The Coast's Heroscape Dungeons & Dragons Collection D3, will be the last Expansion Set made. Previous figures will be sold while supplies last. I'm sorry to set this game system go. For the miniature game player its a great way to have pre-painted sculpted figures at a reasonable price.

Four new Expansion Packs come in the D3 series and they include Heroes Of Fallcrest, Bugbears And Orcs, Valkrill's Legion and Icewind Scourge.

Each pack hold three to six figures, depending on their size. Look for lots of detail in the sculpts and paint application. I especially like the Ice Giant, Dragon and giant Orc. Look for dynamic poses, awesome outfits, wicked weapons and outrageous creatures and humanoids. What's not to love?

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