Saturday, November 6, 2010

Warhawk And Fieseler

Hasegawa Hobby Kits Introduces two more vintage airplane models. The American WWII P-40N Warhawk 'Natural Metal' is a Limited Edition model kit that looks every bit as real as the real thing--only smaller.

This is a 'big boy' model. No snap together parts or pre-painted pieces in this kit. Pieces fit easily together when gluing, decals are a snap to apply and by following the easy-to-understand painting instructions (and the box cover) you'll have your model looking like the real thing in no time.

Check out the tri-propellers, extra fuel tank, wing mounted guns and clear cockpit with pilot and look for full wheel assembly, highly-detailed body rivets and seams and parts that snap off their frames with little or no flashing. It's a beaut!

The German Fieseler FiL56C Storch 'Gran Sasso' is a light weight aircraft capable of carrying three passengers (included) with a large wingspan, single prop, three stationary landing gear and a long tapered body with multiple wing supports and an angular caged cockpit.

This plane is meant to fly low and slow for long distances as evident by its lightweight frame, minimal use of materials and unnecessary 'extras'. It's built for utilitarian use at low cost and high efficiency. It too is a Limited Edition model requiring glue, paint and decal application.

Both models are highly accurate reproductions that when completely assembled, painted and decaled are exact replicas of their larger namesakes.

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