Thursday, December 16, 2010

Something Old, Something New

Syndicated cartoonist Lynn Johnston has written and drawn her award-winning ‘For Better or For Worse’ comic strip (printed in over 2,000 newspapers and read by millions of loyal fans) for close to 30 years.

Several years ago Lynn decided to intermingle older strips with new daily and Sunday strips. This allowed her to go back and revisit key moments in her fictional Patterson family’s lives, fill in some gaps and answer some unresolved questions. Fans loved it.

Andrews McMeel Publishing approached Lynn about compiling some of her old strips, updating some of the art and placing them in chronological order. She and her daughter took the task to heart and after some creative collation they compiled the very 1st Treasury of For Better Or For Worse.

This oversize hardbound book contains some of Lynn’s most famous strips, updated and revised and drawn in the style of the time they were printed, accompanied by commentaries by the artist herself.

Ms. Johnston has outdone herself with this marvelous collection of classic strips that fans of the strip are sure to love. Who says you can’t go back in time and change things? Not Lynn Johnston and thankfully not the fans of For Better Or For Worse.

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