Friday, January 7, 2011

Shojo Manga Pop & Romance

Shojo is all the rage in the world of Manga and no one does it better than the artists at Kamikaze Factory Studio.

Collins Design’s new Shojo Manga Pop & Romance examines the Shojo phenomenon in a huge paperback edition that not only brings readers up to speed on the history of Shojo but offers dozens of art samples and shows how each was created.

Look for step-by-step instructions in how to design, draw, ink and color Shojo from many different genres such as Vintage Romance, Pop & Love, Gothic Zone, Magic Lovers and Legends.

You’ll learn about designing costumes, placing you figures in backgrounds and how to ‘tweak’ your artwork to make it the very best possible interpretations and presentations of whatever genre you choose. Extras include a gallery and a short bio of each artist represented.

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