Thursday, February 10, 2011

Motor World

Greenlight has just released twelve new die cast vehicles in its Motor World series. Each bubble packed vehicle features super fine detailing both on the exterior and interior. Paint application is smooth and even with no sloppy edges or bleed-overs. Tires are made of rubber-like material that give a real authenticity to each die cast miniature. Three separate sub-series make up the Motor World series.

The Speed Series focuses on….you guessed it…speed! The Volkswagen Beetle RSi is a solid white bug of a different sort. With its bright green wheels, rear air scoop/stabilizer and aerodynamic body, the Beetle is ready to ‘bug out.’

The Porsche 356A is a classic convertible made for two passengers. Chrome wheels, a deep blue paint job, wraparound chrome fenders and a black interior make this every car lover’s dream.

The new Dodge Viper SRT10 is a bright fire engine red with a solid two-seat black interior, bright chrome wheels, vented engine slots and solid integrated bumpers. Try ‘dodging that!’

Think of the yellow Lamborghini as a bullet on four wheels. This beauty is made for speed with it low profile, narrow swept front window and slit side windows, huge rear engine compartment with multi vents and wheel hugging frame.

The three cars set All American Series include one of my favorite 1950s American automobiles-the Chevrolet Bel Air. This two-tone, almost two ton driving delight is a four seat mechanical monster with full chrome trim, wheels and bumpers. Painted red and white there is no mistaking this American masterpiece.

The Chevrolet Camaro SS is a convertible two seater with lots of room in it black interior. Wedge shaped and riding high on its chrome wheels the Camaro is a marvel of muscle car mechanics.

Another of my favorites is the Ford F-100 pick-up truck with its rounded cab, white wall tires, heavy bumpers, short bed and its telltale front grill with round headlights. Its creamy aqua finish makes this bad boy look tame but everyone knows there’s more power than plush to this classic truck.

The final entry into the new Motor World Series is the five vehicle Classic Series.

Volkswagen dominates this series with three vehicles. They include the solid silver Volkswagen 30, the predecessor to the well-known Bug. What many people don’t realize is that the Volkswagen ‘Bug’ was actually a ‘people’s car’ developed by Hitler’s Nazi during WWII.

The red Volkswagen Beetle is the classic car that American’s loved-especially during the 1960s and 1970s. The rounded compact Beetle was air-cooled with a small but powerful engine in the rear. For a small car it featured a lot of room, minimal interior decoration and efficient controls.

The Volkswagen Samba Bus features full multi-windows wrapping the entire upper body. Two-tone in red and cream, the Samba was a box on wheels with a trademark Volkswagen ‘VW’ squarely placed on its front.

The Mini Cooper has long been a favorite of car collectors. The ultimate economy car, the Cooper is hugely popular in Europe and is making quite a splash in the U.S. This lovable little car is all business with its square but comfortable interior, small wheels and tires and compact body. It's fuel efficient, but a lot of fun to drive.

On a more serious note the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a vehicle by which all other emergency vehicles are gauged. The white with yellow and orange insignia and symbols ambulance is a customized extended van with lots of room for patients, emergency personnel and equipment. Its completely enclosed save for the front and side windows. Its slopped front end makes it aerodynamic to handle high speeds and its chassis mass keeps it firmly stable while it does so.

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