Friday, February 4, 2011

Previews, February

February may be a short month but the Diamond Previews for merchandise coming out in April is huge! Here’s just a few of the new items you can expect in April.

Comic books you’re sure to want to pick up include The Mighty Thor, Dark Horse Presents, The Dead Remembered, Super Dinosaur, Cobra Civil War, Netherworld, Batwoman, Green Wake, Nonplayer, Planet Of the Apes, Fear Itself, Mega Man and Skarr.

Books and magazines to read are Alan Moore: Storyteller, Wonder Woman: The story Of The Amazon Princess, Doctor Who Unlimited and The Green Lantern Kit.

Rittenhouse Archives turns out some cool trading card sets such as Spartacus, The Green Hornet and James Bond 007 Mission Logs.

Play time is here when the following toys are released; Thanos, Michael Jackson, Green Lantern, Domo and Friends, Starcraft, Marvel Minimates, Halo, Ghostbusters, Captain America, Batman, Marvel Universe, Iron Man, Star Wars, Bad Robot, Doctor Who, Tron, and Disney.

Game on with Watchman HeroClix, Munchkin Zombies, Doctor Who and DC Adventures.

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