Friday, February 4, 2011

Safari Ltd. 2011

Safari Ltd. starts the new year off right with a huge new selection of new figures of all types.  As always each figure is expertly crafted with careful attention given to sculpting details, paint application and imaginative poses.

For the fantasy lover comes the silver skull capped Magnus The Wizard dressed in his long deep purple robe, sporting a long black beard and hair and carry a green shoulder satchel.  With his right hand raised he summons fire for a magic spell and his long, crooked wooden staff is clenched in his left hand.

The translucent Krystal Blue Dragon is a serpentine giant lizard with twisted spine and tail, gold tail fins, claws, underbelly and head scales.  The powerful dragon has its large mouth open revealing razor sharp teeth.  This is one bad lizard!

Travel back in time and discover what a Cycad is.  This ancient relative of the modern palm tree has a massive trunk, long tapered fronds and stands on a rocky soil base with various plants.  The Inostrancevia looks like a nasty combination of lizard, lion and who knows what else!  Whatever it is it has huge powerful legs and torso, a massive head with bone crushing jaws and sharp, short black claws.

The Golden Lion Tamarin is a long tailed monkey with iridescent gold mane, large brown eyes, a long tapered tail and slender digits for grasping tree limbs, food and whatever else it curious little mind takes an interest in.

The beautiful striped Lesser Kudo is a striking deer like animal with twisted long horns, tri-tone legs and short dark brown tail.  

The Abaco Barb horse is a beautiful animal colored white with deep brown patches, ears and mane.  Just as beautiful but far more deadly is the Bull Shark.  Long and lean, this finned predator has large fins and a distinctive tail fin.  

The Soft Shell Turtle with its long neck and snout is low to the ground but every bit as attractive as the more exotic animals.  Its multi-colored shell, flat front and rear legs with stubby claws and creamy underbelly make it a visual delight.

If you like insects then your sure to get a kick out of Safari Ltd.'s Glow-In-The-Dark Insects Toob.  Place them near a light, turn off the light and you have a insect iridescent parade.  look for all sorts of creepy crawlies like caterpillars, flies and more.

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