Friday, March 25, 2011

Happiness Is A Warm Blanket Charlie Brown

From Warner Bros. Video Inc. comes a brand new original Peanuts movie: Happiness Is A Warm Blanket Charlie Brown starring Lucy's philosophical brother Linus.
When Linus's grandmother chides him about his blue security blanket, Linus ponders if is time to give up his childhood security companion.

He enlists the aid of his best friend Charlie Brown to keep his blanket from him-with disastrous results.  Turning to his older sister Lucy, Linus desperately tries to break his blanket dependence.
Ultimately he must decide if he really wants to break his dependency habit. Happiness Is A Warm Blanket Charlie Brown is a welcome back visit to Charles Schulz's lovable band of youngsters.  

Filled with warm humor, heartfelt sentimental childhood memories and Snoopy and Woodstock, of course, the original DVD release also includes a deleted scene narrated by Director Andy Beall and several featurettes.    

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