Thursday, March 24, 2011

Major League Baseball 2K11

After looking over and playing 2K Sports' new Major League Baseball 2K11 video game for Xbox 360 I have to say it is one of the most realistic looking baseball video games I have ever seen.  The likenesses to the players are dead-on, from their body language, expressions, the way they hit, move, catch and run - you can practically see them sweat.

From birds eye to worms eye views the action never stops.  The camera constantly shifts to match the play from close-ups to wide field shots.  Ever move, play, catch, hit, run, player interaction and reaction are right on the money.

But, the realism doesn't stop there.  The stadiums are crammed with detail. Lights, sounds, crowd movements, infield, outfield - they all click and look just like the real things.
One of my fondest memories growing up was watching the Detroit Tigers play.  The sound of the crowd, the sense of anticipation, the sheer excitement are all brought back in 2K Sports new MLB 2K11 video game.

Here's just a few of features you can expect to find and experience. The Fielding System is completely revamped and includes to-the-inch measurements to make your game even more exciting. New players, play-by-play commentary, Minor League advancement to the Major Leagues and complete and total control of pitching and hitting are all included.  

Sure, I could tell you all about the strategies, player selections, breath-taking plays and the like but until you play you ain't seen nothing yet.  Experience the game with close-up and in-your-face realism.  Batter up!

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