Friday, March 11, 2011

Safari Ltd.’s ‘Royal’ Treatment

Safari Ltd. Gives toy and figure collectors the royal treatment with six new figures in its Days Of Old collection.

Travel back in time to the days of just and righteous kings and queens and their handsome and beautiful offspring. Camelot never looked so good.

New figures include King Alfred resplendent in his long red cape and red and aqua gown decorated in white and gold piping. He wears a golden crown on his long hair and bearded head and he carries a golden scepter.

His wife, Queen Sofia, stands demurely with fan in one hand and the other hand raised in salutation. She also wears a golden crown that accents her long multi-tone blue gown decorated in white trim and gold fluting.

Their children include Princess Penelope dressed all in pink and holding a white dove, lavender clad Princess Juliet who is performing a lively dance step, Princess Emily dressed in green with arms open in a friendly greeting and handsome Prince Patrick clad in knee high boots, red and gold tunic, blue half-cape and holding a pink rose for his lovely lady.

I’m amazing at the detail of these characters. Paint application is amazing, especially the piping, fluting and trim. Their faces are sculpted perfectly with flesh tones applied in varying degrees. They look more like small, expensive statures than toy figures.

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