Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Star Trek Remastered Original Series

Rittenhouse Archives has taken images from the newly released remastered original Star Trek TV series DVDs and created a brand new set of trading cards that really show off the intense new colors, spectacular effects and CGI spaceships and planets.

Twenty Four Packs come per Box with five Cards per Pack. Eighty one Cards make up a Base Set (I assembled one full Set with a considerable amount left over to put a dent in a second Set). For you completists out there Rittenhouse also offers a special Collector’s Album that comes with an exclusive Chase Card.

To help celebrate the remastered DVD release Rittenhouse has randomly inserted some impressive new Chase Cards. Each Box contains one double Autograph Card (I received Richard Evans and William Wintersole from the episode Patterns Of Force) and one single Autograph Card (my Box contained a George Takei as Sulu from The Naked Time).

Other Chase Cards include:

18-card Star Trek Tribute Expansion Set (Four for me)
9-card Star Trek Creatures Cards (Two in my Box))
9-card "Elaan of Troyius" Revised Episode Cards (One of Elaan)
9-card Star Trek Ships In Motion/Lenticular Cards (The Enterprise in The Tholian Web)

Additional Chase Cards are available when you buy multiple Cases.

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