Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After The Golden Age

Ask yourself, “What would it be like to have superheroes as parents? And what if, unlike them, you had no super powers yourself?”

That’s the situation Celia West finds herself in New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn’s new book, After The Golden Age.

Imagine yourself at the mercy of super villains who kidnap you in order to get to your parents or constantly being reminded of the fact that you are a liability to their fight against crime. Is it any wonder that Celia decides to strike out on her own, without any help or protection from her parents, trying to find a name for herself?

That’s exactly what she does and despite her parents she manages to carve out a career for herself as a forensic accountant. Things are looking pretty good until she is called in to take down a super villain, not for his violent crimes, but for evading taxes.

Bad enough he’s had dealings with her parents. Worse, she has a history with him—as his willing accomplice when she was kidnapped by him and manipulated to join him. It was all a ploy to get to her parents. Her part in it was to get back at her parents.

She relented or course, but the bitter taste of her past failure still lingers. Now she must put the past behind her and face the one man who knows her weaknesses and will be sure to try and exploit them.

After The Golden Age from Tor/Forge offers a slightly sinister twist to what it’s like to be the offspring of super powered humans. It examines what it would really be like to be placed in such a situation and how one might react-especially considering that they don’t have super powers themselves.

Filled with plenty of twists and turns and unexpected situations, the book is a clever and unique homage to the super hero genre.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Avengers Volumes 1 & 2

They are the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment presents Volume 1 & 2 of the new animated adventures of Marvel Comics’ The Avengers.

When the evil of the world becomes too much for one hero to handle the Mighty Avengers are formed to thwart every would-be world conqueror, crazed alien invasion, time and dimension hopping threat and more.

Thirteen episodes from the hit animated series first season are compiled on two DVDs that also come packed with Bonus material: such as full-length featurettes.

When it becomes apparent to Tony Stark: a.ka. Iron Man, that he hasn’t enough fire power or the ability to tackle every super villain threat taking place that he must make some hard choices. At loggerheads with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury, Tony starts to assemble a group of heroes with a little help from divine providence. Together they are The Avengers comprised of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, The Black Panther, Giant Man, The Wasp and Hawkeye-evil beware.

What makes this animated series so enjoyable is the conscious effort by its creators to make each episode part of a single continuity. As each episode unfolds viewers witness the slow and methodical process by which The Avengers are formed as a team. Equally impressive is that each Avengers member is given their own episode spotlight that fills viewers in on their origins and reasons for fighting evil.

Each episode is part of a larger picture with some surprising revelations revealing that much of which has to do with time and space. My favorite of all the episodes was the one about Captain America-his origin-his years spent at war-his supposed death and his resurrection.

All of the episodes are extremely well written, beautifully animated and feature some of the best voice talent available-both veteran and new comer.

Check out each episode and see if you can spot some recognizable supporting cast, references to Marvel continuity and some real surprises. “Avengers Assemble!”

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Archie & Friends #153

It’s April Fool’s Day and no one is safe as long as the King of Pranks is around, Reggie! Pranks he plays throughout the school year are kid’s play compared to his no-holds-barred barrage of gags, tricks and spectacularly orchestrated April Fool’s Day shenanigans.

Archie and the gang find out the hard way just how diabolical Reggie can be when they all experience his talent for trickery. Archie’s car explodes, Veronica, Betty and Kumis get soaked, Raj gets a black eye, the staff and faculty of Riverdale High get hornswaggled-no one is safe and that’s just the way Reggie likes it.

Be sure to check out Archie & Fiends #153 from Archie Comics to discover just how far Reggie will go to pull off some spectacular gags.

Black Dynamite

Forget Shaft. Pay no attention to Superfly. The baddest of the bad black brothers is Black Dynamite-the butt-kicking, super stud, Vietnam vet and ex-C.I.A. agent turned private eye who takes on the world-and wins!

Inspired by the Black Dynamite major motion picture and the blaxploitation films of the 1970s, Black Dynamite delivers plenty of suspense, sex and in-your-face action.

When Black Dynamite investigates an island where Blacks are treated as slaves as part of a return to the gold old days South amusement park he finds himself captured, tortured and put up for sale.

His captors didn’t count on his iron will, his almost super human ability to endure pain and his talent to rally those around him to revolt against their white slave masters. It’s also in this issue that he meets his true nemesis, Noah Hicks.

Brian Ash, Michael Jai White, Byron Minns and Scott Sanders deliver the goods in the very first issue of Black Dynamite with Slave Island published by ARS NOVA and APE Entertainment. “Who’s the baddest mother around? It’s Black Dynamite! Right on!”

Milk Eggs Vodka

Are we truly what we eat-maybe, maybe not. That’s the hilarious premise behind author Bill Keaggy’s new book, Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost And Found, published by HOW Books.
The premise is simple, collect discarded grocery lists from carts, floors and even library books and examine what people are often willing to commit to paper which they think no one will ever read.

Milk Eggs Vodka is more than a compilation of grocery lists-it’s an examination of the human condition and a deep look inside what makes people click. Some lists are happy, some sad, some mad, some downright disturbing-regardless of the type of list-all are fascinating.

Filled with lists that are misspelled, odd and quirky, the book is a social commentary of our times and culture.

Gulliver’s Travels

Leave it to comedian/actor Jack Black to take a literary classic and turn it on its ear. Jack stars as Gulliver: a mailroom clerk with illusions of grandeur. When the boat he’s sailing on suddenly is caught in a storm he finds himself in the land of Lilliputians-a place where the people are tiny but their war is big.

Suddenly a literal giant amongst men, Gulliver lets his size and ego get out of control and winds up hurting his newfound friends. It’s then left to him to set things right and prove that a large body must also have a large heart.

Jack Black delivers his trademark slapstick comedy with lots of hilarious sight gags, music and outrageous antics. The 3-Pack Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Combo from 20th Century Fox  includes such extras as a gag reel, deleted scenes, lots of featurettes, interviews, commentaries and much more.

It’s a comedy, special effects laden giant of a movie that Jack Black fans don’t want to miss.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Urban Atrophy

I loved exploring old and abandoned buildings, parks and vehicles when I was growing up in Michigan. Growing up if I saw a derelict building nearby, I would explore its dusting and dilapidated hallways and rooms if I had the opportunity. I still enjoy meandering among the wrecks of the past during my all too infrequent travels.

There’s something fascinating and almost magnetic about building and vehicles long since dead. It’s almost as if you can see and experience what it must have been like living during the time each were at their heyday. It’s also very sad because you’re witness to so many lost dreams that are returning to the dust.

Urban Atrophy, as photographed and writer by Dan Haga and published by Schiffer Publishing, is a wonderful journey through the many long forgotten factories, hospitals, schools, theaters, churches, military installations and other structures and vehicles scattered over the Mid-Atlantic region of America.

560 photos filled the pages and offer a surreal journey to the abandoned and forgotten dreams and lives of America of the past. Walk down the creepy halls, visit the time-weathered rooms and scrounge amongst the industrial machinery and military installations.

It is a journey that is sure to stick with you as you experience the past through the eyes of the present.

Fangoria, May, #303

Fangoria magazine for May of 2011 is packed with some really cool, and gory, interviews and features. They include an interview with actress Nancy Allen from Blow Out fame, previews of the new movies Priest and The Troll Hunter, and interview with actor Rutger Hauer and a look at his new film Hobo With A Shotgun, the second part of an article about horror films in undeground Germany and an interview with the versatile horror actress Dyanne Thorne.

Other articles include interviews with Jack Hill and John Carpenter, a look back at Christine, Shining star Shelley Duvall, the Ghosts of Tennessee, FX artist Brian Spears, Living Dead Dolls, a preview of Neverdead, Mondo posters and War Of The Worlds’ Jeff Wayne.

Regular features inside are First Rites, Postal Zone, Monster Invasion, The Terror Tube, Dr. Cyclops, Nightmare Library and several other interesting horror articles.

Live And Let Die File #1

From 007 Double – O – Seven Magazine Archive Files comes a very special Deluxe Limited Edition Publication examining the very first James Bond file staring Roger Moore in the lead role.

After five successful James Bond films Sean Connery left the franchise, model George Lazenby obtained the role of the suave and debonair British secret agent for one film (with lukewarm results) Connery returned as Bond for one more film (Diamonds Are Forever) and then the role fell to Roger Moore.

TV audiences knew Moore from his TV series, The Saint, as the man-about-town Simon Templar who was almost as suave as James Bond. It was a perfect fit. Certain they had a huge ht on their hands and the perfect new James Bond the producers of the Bond series launched Moore as Bond in the action-packed James Bond thriller, Live And Let Die.

Everything clicked in this movie, Moore’s performance (while different than Connery’s and Lazenby’s) captured Bond perfectly, albeit with a little more humor. Huge sets, spectacular stunts, beautiful women, dastardly villains and a Paul McCartney opening credit song made Live And Let Die a huge success.

In Live And Let Die File #1 fans are given a first-hand look at the production behind the film including a closer look at Bob Dix, the spy who is killed at the Mardi Gras, an in-depth look at the Bond 1973 Documentary, which until recently was thought to have been lost or destroyed, a visual tour of 24 days on location filming in the Bayou and a visual and text explanation on how the spectacular speed boat chase was pulled off.

The groom, played by Greg Gambel, whose wedding is interrupted by Bond and his pursuers, is interviewed about his recollections, readers are given a Taste Of The South and Ruth Kempf who played the befuddled Mrs. Bell whose flight instructions are interrupted by Bond is remembered.

The magazine is jam-packed with never seen before photos, colorful anecdotes, interesting production notes and promotional posters and merchandise photos.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Howitzer, Yorktown And Snark

From Revell comes three new military models requiring Level 2 (10+, glue and paint) modeling skill.  

First up is the Renwal Blueprints Models 8 Inch Self-Propelled Howitzer containing 138 Parts With A Combat Crew Of 6.  Scaled at 1:32 (making it the same scale as other models in the series) this model features 'No Show" cementing and is accurately scaled from U.S. Army Ordnance Blueprints.

Fully operational (meaning its parts move) this is a beauty of a military model.  Properly painted and detailed and placed upon a custom made diorama it appears as if it could actually fire rounds and advance upon the enemy.  Revell has really outdone itself with this model. 
Check out the real rubber-like tank treads, the incredible detailed interior and exterior and the historically accurate decals.  With its easy-to- follow instructions gluing, painting and decal application are a snap!   

Equally impressive is Revell's 1:485 Scale USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier.  With its fully detailed upper and lower decks, simulated wooden deck, numerous WWII aircraft, rigging, towers, railing, life rafts, deck guns, deck elevators that can be positioned and detailed under belly (including twin propellers and rudder) the Yorktown looks magnificent when displayed on its custom twin gold anchors and Navy crest stand.

Full instructions guide you through assembly, painting, decal application and proper displaying.
Fly high with the bright red Northrop Snark SM-62 Intercontinental Guided Missile from Revell.  As beautiful as it is lethal this missile with twin side boosters and huge rear propulsion engine seeks out and destroys anything it is pointed at.  Small, fast and deadly the Snark was less expensive to operate than large bombers and extremely difficult to shoot down because of its size and speed.

Comics Shop

“Now you’re talking!’ That was my first reaction when I saw Krause Publications' Comics Shop Comic Book Price Guide. I was immediately struck by the fact that is in full color! Wow!

Over 3,000 full-color comic book covers fill its pages along with thousands of title summaries, an illustrated grading guide. A short comic book history, how to use a price guide, what sells and for how much, a cover gallery and a great article by Maggie Thompson suggesting (shutter!) that you actually take the time to ‘read’ your comics. Imagine!?

This is more than a price guide – it’s a full-color guided history tour. I ha a great time looking at each and every page at the great full-color photos of covers, reading the interesting information tidbits and especially reading the many articles about comics in the front of the book and to make it even better, there is a minimal amount of ads! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Character Design

Speaking from experience I can tell you that designing characters takes a great deal of skill. Not only must the artist have a strong working knowledge of the human figure but expertise in color theory and application, composition, lighting, clothing and folds, the ability to recreate textures and surfaces in 2D and a firm grasp of the elements and principles of design such as balance, form, movement, etc.

It’s difficult enough to design characters on paper or canvas. To create characters on the computer takes a whole new level of skill. It’s true that most painting and/or photo editing programs offer various brush simulations, wide palettes of color and simulated surfaces to paint upon, but, it’s also true that painting on a computer is vastly different than painting on canvas.

The artist must have the ability to work in layers, understand the difference between screen color and print color (RGB versus CMYK), how colors change when translated from print to screen, screen resolution, pixel weight, how paper effects color and on and on.

Many artists, like myself, prefer to sketch out our designs on paper and scan them in to use as a template. Others create directly on the screen-something I have difficulty doing and am amazed by those artists that can.

There’s an old saying when it comes to computers, “Garbage in, garbage out.” An artist, and I stress the word artist, must have the necessary skills to draw, paint, compose and complete a piece of art, be it character design or something else. If not, the best computers and programs in the world will not turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. It takes skill and talent and that’s just what you’ll see in the new Character Design book from Ballistic Publishing.

The soft bound book is contained in a hard slipcase that is part of Ballistic’s d’artiste Digital Artists Master Class series. Be prepared to be amazed as some of the world’s most talented digital artists share their drawing and painting secrets in a series of step-by-step tutorials, complemented by informative text from the artists, and show you how they go about conceptualizing and finalizing their own unique character designs.

What makes this book so fascinating is that, besides the gorgeous illustrations and paintings, is that you get to witness actual works being completed stage-by-stage.

Some artists sketch on paper, some on computer. Some work on multiple layers, other use a minimum of stages. Others lay down flats of color while others prefer to jump in with full palettes. Regardless of what technique an artist uses each produce stunning work and you are invited to come along for the ride.

This is what art is all about-the creative process. Half the fun is getting to the final product. Speaking for myself I enjoy putting a piece together just as much as seeing the final product. I highly recommend this book for any young artist who is delving into digital art. It’s an excellent resource on how it's done and demonstrates the level of work that is expected in the industry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aircraft Weapons: E

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday: a model kit that isn’t a complete model kit, but contains model parts that will complete or augment other model kits.

Leave it to Hasegawa Hobby Kits to see a need and fill it. In this case it’s their Aircraft Weapons: E U.S. Air to Air Missiles & Target Pods X48 17 model kits set.

Do you wish your aircraft models had more fire power? Do you get excited at the prospect of having more weapons at your fingertips? Well, Hasegawa Hobby Kits has heard your pleas and created this brand new kit that satisfies your thirst for destruction.

Included in the kit are various missiles and target pods of varying sizes and power. All are scaled to fit most aircraft model kits. Hasegawa suggests that you do a little research and find photos of aircraft for reference to ensure your model modifications and add-ons are accurate.

Four part trees contain the missiles and pod parts. All of the parts are easily detached with little or no flashing. Full easy-to-follow instructions not only provide a helpful guide for applying the decals that are included but also gives full information on each missile and pod.

Hasegawa Hobby Kits are not only extremely authentic in their appearance but the people at Hasegawa are experts on the historical and engineering information about each of their models.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

20th Century Fox has taken over the distribution rights of the Narnia series of films and its first release is the spectacular The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

The four Pevensie children have been split up: the older two are in the United States while the younger two (Edmund and Lucy) are hold up at their Uncle’s home, sharing the house with their obnoxious and oh so logical cousin (Eustace). Needless to say they do not get along especially when it comes to their Narnia adventures. Eustace believes it is so much imaginary rubbish until he witnesses a painting of the ocean come alive and flood the room he and his cousins are in.

Soon the room is filled with water and when the three surface they are in Narnia right in the path of the Dawn Treader ship commanded by King Caspian. But why are they back in Narnia?

The reason soon becomes apparent when they encounter a swirling mist that transports an island’s residents to who knows where. The crew of the Dawn Treader sails off to discover what the mist is-what they discover is that an old evil has returned to Narnia and unless they can find seven mystical swords and unit them to bring Aslan forth, Narnia is doomed.

The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is the most spectacular of all the Narnia movies with breath-taking special effects, memorable characters, plenty of action and suspense and a touch of humor. Especially interesting is the relationship of Eustace with the swordsman mouse Reepicheep.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Atlas Comics Returns!

Back in the mid-1970s, former owner/publisher of Marvel Comics, Martin Goodman, decided to start a new comic book company to compete against Marvel and DC Comics.  He surmised that the time was right to place a challenge against the big two.

Hiring several comic book professionals, including Larry Lieber, Stan Lee's brother, Goodman created Atlas/Seaboard and went about setting up the editorial and creative staff.

Goodman was able to draw in top talent by offering higher page rates, creator rights and the guaranteed return of artwork.  All three of these were ground-breaking at the time.  Needless to say many creators jumped at the opportunity.  

Several big names such as Neal Adams, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Alex Toth and others signed on and came up with some incredible titles.  I bought each and every Atlas title at the time and I still own several. 

Unfortunately the market could not support a new company and due to lackluster sales and some bad management and financial decisions Atlas/Seaboard only lasted about a year.
Few people realize that during that time Direct Sales and comic book shops didn't exist.   Atlas/Seaboard forever changed the comic book industry.  If it were not for Atlas/Seaboard's early changes to how comic books were produced I doubt the present comic book industry benefits and perks would exist in their current form, if at all.

The good new is that Atlas is back with updated versions of some of its original titles and with the goal to eventually publish even more.

Currently The Grim Ghost, Phoenix and Wolf have all been published and I must say I am impressed.  All of the stories are engrossing, the art is well done, as is the coloring.  Veteran comic book creators as well as unknowns have combined their talents to produce a promising new series of titles.  Dubbed Atlas Original, the new company is headed up by Martin Goodman's grandson, Jason Goodman.

It appears Atlas Original is off to a great start if the buzz on the internet and in print media are any indication.   I loved reading Atlas/Seaboard Comics growing up and I have a feeling that I'm going to enjoy reading Atlas original titles just as much.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fear Itself Book One

The Marvel Comics event of the Spring/Summer begins with the very first issue of Fear Itself.
The Marvel superheroes have been through a lot, as has the country.  Distrust of authority, rising costs, unemployment, suspicion and unrest has put the population of New York City and the rest of the country on edge.  

The recent Civil War between the superheroes and the government still has many people uneasy with super-powered individuals, be they hero or villain. 

Any little thing out of the ordinary or that threatens to upset the status quo sets people off-in this particular instance the proposed building of a controversial structure close to the World Trade Center 9-11 site.  Captain America and the Avengers attempt to calm the crowd.  Their presence only sparks more violence.

Elsewhere Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull, and her minions have finally found her father's hidden Antarctic base containing an ancient hammer of power guarded by Nazi soldiers preserved by the Red Skull since WWII.  She has them killed and touches the ancient hammer.  Instantly she is transformed into a goddess.  

Meanwhile Tony Stark offers to fund the reconstruction of Asgard in order to employ thousands who are currently without work as a token of good will.  Just as the reconstruction begins Odin appears demanding that Thor and the other Asgardian gods join him in his own plans to rebuild Asgard and to fight the newly resurrected and rescued All Father now joined by Sin.  

As the gods join Odin, All Father releases The Worthy upon the Earth.

Fear Itself promises too shake up the Marvel Universe to its core.  More than a universe-spanning battle, Fear Itself strikes at the heart of Marvel's heroes.  Will they survive?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Doctor Who: Genesis Of The Daleks And The Sontaran Experiment

I've always enjoyed watching the BBC's Doctor Who series. I started watching it back in the 1970s when Tom Baker was the Doctor but after that college, marriage and raising two kids kept me away for years.

It wasn't until the 9th Doctor arrived that I started watching the series again via the internet.  I now watch at least one episode every two nights through You Tube.   The new interpretations of the Doctor along with the spectacular special effects, amazing sets, location shoots and stellar supporting cast make each and every episode a winner.

Underground Toys, in conjunction with Character Options Ltd and the BBC, has made the Doctor Who toys available to a huge new audience including us Yanks.  I have a number of the figures and all of them capture the likeness of whichever Doctor is represented along with villains, friends and aliens and their ships, equipment, weapons and accessories in miniature perfection.  Sculpting is topnotch with tight articulation, no flashing or awkward binding and the paint application is excellent.

Packaging consists of either bubble packs or three-sided boxes with a clear front viewing panels.  The bubble packs and boxes all feature full color photos and interesting information about the character(s) contained inside along with brief descriptions of specific episodes the character(s) and props appeared in.

Recently Underground Toys released two new Collectors' Sets.  They both feature the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, dressed in his trademark multi-color scarf, floppy brim brown hat and brown trench coat.

The Genesis Of The Daleks consists of the Doctor, two silver Genesis Daleks, a baby mutant Dalek and Davros the wheelchair bound creator/leader of the Daleks. 

The Genesis Daleks have two stationary rear wheels and pivoting front wheels for easy maneuvering, swivel head units with movable eye-stalks and a ray guns and plunger arms located on the lower body sections of the Dalek containment unit.  Davros sits in a wheelchair with an identical wheel arrangement as the Daleks.  

His chair consists of the lower section of a Dalek containment unit, only it is painted black with silver orbs around it.  The upper torso of Davros has his right arm free to manipulate the control panel situated in front of him.  The blind Davros figure has silver shoulder supports, is dressed in black and has a sensory unit on his head for sight and speech simulation. 

The baby Dalek looks much like a human brain with translucent tentacles emanating from it. 
The entire set of figures are held in place with twist wires and formed clear plastic sleeves over them.  A special lab background is seen behind them as part of the box.

The Santaran Collectors' Set consists of the fourth Doctor dressed identical to the Genesis Doctor, only this Doctor has his Sonic Screwdriver.  The fully-articulated Field-Major Styre-Sontaran figure is included dressed in his form-fitted black battle suit with silver equipment and holster belt.  Included is his gun, removable helmet and Sontaran Ship that is a silver, segmented sphere with an insulated door that opens that reveals a seat and control panel.  It's a hefty set for ages 5 and up.

Both the Genesis and Sontaran sets are taken from the 1975 season of Doctor Who. 

Preview, April

June is just around the corner and you know what that means: lots of new merchandise to spend you vacation money on. Diamond Previews is packed with tons of new merchandise you just gotta have. You know you want it.

New comic books to pick up include Fear Itself tie-in issues, Alpha Flight #1, Cars 2 #1, three new Captain America tie-ins, Ghost Rider #0.1, All-Winners Squad #1, Ka-zar #1, Mystery Men #1, S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, The Iron Age #1, Supreme Power #1, Flashpoint Tie-ins, Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Lost Suns #1, The Guild: Bladezz #1, American Vampire #1, Witch Doctor #1, 50 Girls 50 #1, Rage #1, Hellboy: The Fury #1, Transformers 3, Trailblazer One-Shot, Shinku #1, Screamland #1, The Archie Babies, War Goddess #0, Diary Of A Zombie Kid, Kirby: Genesis #0 and Kirby: Genesis #1.

Books and magazines to read are DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide and Doctor Who paperbacks.

Trading cards to, er, trade are Rittenhouse Archives’ Complete Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cryptozoic Entertainment’s The Walking Dead and Upper Deck’s Marvel Captain America Movie.

Play around with these cool new toys: Angry Birds, Marvel Minimates, Universal Studios Monsters, Batman Legacy, Indie Spotlight, Tonner DC Stars, Thor Movie, Marvel Universe, Wrestling, Pokemon, Thundercats, Disney, Ghostbusters and lots more.

Game on with Redaki, Arkham Horror, Munchkin, Magic and Marvel Heroclic: Captain America.

Creepy Ass Dolls

I have this vague memory of when I was about two or three years old of a doll I had. It was a clown, dressed in a red and white stripped one-piece suit with ruffles around the ankles and wrists. On top of its head was a red cone hat with tassel. Innocent enough looking-until you got to its face.

For some perverse reason the manufacturers of the doll gave it a solid white face with large red lips curled around a huge toothy grin. Its large staring eyes instead of looking like they were smiling looked menacing because of how its large bulbous nose distorted its face. It was the clown doll from Hell.

That’s the reason I can identify with the writer, Stacey Leigh Brooks, of the new Creepy-Ass Dolls book published by Krause Publications.

Inside you’ll find pictures of some of the unintentionally scariest dolls made over the last century. Oversize eyes, pointed teeth, creepy cloths, menacing expressions, unearthly skin tones-they’re all there and are guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies.

Full color photos, accompanied by some very descriptive text, make this little gem of a book a surefire way to keep you up at night.

I wonder what ever happened to my clown doll? Wait a minute! What’s that over in the shadows and why is it moving!? Oh no…………………