Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gulliver’s Travels

Leave it to comedian/actor Jack Black to take a literary classic and turn it on its ear. Jack stars as Gulliver: a mailroom clerk with illusions of grandeur. When the boat he’s sailing on suddenly is caught in a storm he finds himself in the land of Lilliputians-a place where the people are tiny but their war is big.

Suddenly a literal giant amongst men, Gulliver lets his size and ego get out of control and winds up hurting his newfound friends. It’s then left to him to set things right and prove that a large body must also have a large heart.

Jack Black delivers his trademark slapstick comedy with lots of hilarious sight gags, music and outrageous antics. The 3-Pack Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Combo from 20th Century Fox  includes such extras as a gag reel, deleted scenes, lots of featurettes, interviews, commentaries and much more.

It’s a comedy, special effects laden giant of a movie that Jack Black fans don’t want to miss.

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