Friday, April 15, 2011

Howitzer, Yorktown And Snark

From Revell comes three new military models requiring Level 2 (10+, glue and paint) modeling skill.  

First up is the Renwal Blueprints Models 8 Inch Self-Propelled Howitzer containing 138 Parts With A Combat Crew Of 6.  Scaled at 1:32 (making it the same scale as other models in the series) this model features 'No Show" cementing and is accurately scaled from U.S. Army Ordnance Blueprints.

Fully operational (meaning its parts move) this is a beauty of a military model.  Properly painted and detailed and placed upon a custom made diorama it appears as if it could actually fire rounds and advance upon the enemy.  Revell has really outdone itself with this model. 
Check out the real rubber-like tank treads, the incredible detailed interior and exterior and the historically accurate decals.  With its easy-to- follow instructions gluing, painting and decal application are a snap!   

Equally impressive is Revell's 1:485 Scale USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier.  With its fully detailed upper and lower decks, simulated wooden deck, numerous WWII aircraft, rigging, towers, railing, life rafts, deck guns, deck elevators that can be positioned and detailed under belly (including twin propellers and rudder) the Yorktown looks magnificent when displayed on its custom twin gold anchors and Navy crest stand.

Full instructions guide you through assembly, painting, decal application and proper displaying.
Fly high with the bright red Northrop Snark SM-62 Intercontinental Guided Missile from Revell.  As beautiful as it is lethal this missile with twin side boosters and huge rear propulsion engine seeks out and destroys anything it is pointed at.  Small, fast and deadly the Snark was less expensive to operate than large bombers and extremely difficult to shoot down because of its size and speed.

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