Friday, May 27, 2011

Tron: Legacy

Even though the Tron: Legacy movie is long gone from movie theaters and the Blu-ray/DVD has been released nearly a month (both the movie and Blu-ray/DVD releases are huge hits) and the Tron: Legacy toys have all but disappeared from store shelves, you can still find some of the diecast vehicles.

While the light-up figures and vehicles were the main draw for the Spin Master toy line the smaller diecast were (and are) just as interesting.

Seven vehicles make up the diecast Series 1 collection and each is a well-designed, superbly detailed, expertly painted and handsomely carded vehicle.  The set includes Sam's Light Cycle, Clu's Light Cycle, Kevin Flynn's Light Cycle, Clu's Sentry Light Cycle, the Recognizer (a personal favorite), Clu's Command Ship and (my absolute favorite) the Light Runner. 

All have moving wheels and/or parts and look exactly light their larger counterparts.  All are displayed on vertical bubble packs with a full-color illustration of the vehicle in the package.  The Tron: Legacy logo displays predominantly on the top.  Full vehicle details are on the back.   

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