Monday, June 20, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever

They thought it was safe to come back and invade Earth again and they were right, until they took our hottest women.  They never counted on Duke Nukem still being alive or they may have reconsidered.  Considering the fact that he kicked their collective behinds the first time they invaded, stealing our women made him even madder and that's NOT a good thing.

Everyone's favorite muscle-bound madman with lots of weapons and a serious attitude is back and 2K Games has him in its latest video game starring the sunglass-wearing, king of all tough guys: Duke Nukem Forever.

Pig cops, alien bosses and some serious intergalactic nastiness can't stop the graffiti-writing, beer-guzzling, womanizing and rear-kicking Duke from his appointed rounds-namely taking down the alien invaders.

Big guns, big muscles and even a bigger appetite for the less than savory things of life keep the action fast, furious, pun-filled and egocentric.  Travel though some outrageous scenarios, shoot, ride, jump, stab, disembowel, destroy and create general mayhem as you take a moment to play pool, lift weights and chase the babes.

Duke Nukem on PS3/PlayStation Network (and all other game formats) is rated "M" for mature-if you consider mature voicing a steady stream of obscenities, chasing half-naked women and coming up with new and innovative ways to spill blood and guts. 

Duke Nukem, the one man army, gets his kicks out of freezing his enemies, blowing them up, shrinking them down and squashing them and devising all sorts of 'interesting ' ways to destroy the alien invaders. 

With its over-the-top graphics, pounding soundtrack and quip-a-minute voice track, Duke Nukem takes no prisoners.

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