Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fangoria #305, August

Don't miss the giant fold-out posters in this issue of Fangoria magazine, Amicus is remembered, read the First Rites editorial, beware the Monster Invasion featuring Grave Encounters, Prescott Place, Familiar and Cyrus: Mind Of A Serial Killer and see who are the Fangoria Chainsaw Winners.

The Apes are back, with merchandise, get Black And Blue And Red all Over, raise the dead, avoid the Trash Compactor, discover who is the Saint And Sinner and whatever you do, don't Wake The Dead.

Visit the Doctors Of Terror and The Houses Of Horror, Ian Oglivy speaks out, join The Theatre Bizarre, watch The Terror Tube, see what Came From The Crib and take Elvira home. Board The Horror Express, check out a book at The Nightmare Library and tag along with Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter.

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