Friday, June 10, 2011

Liv and Copter

Move over Barbie, there are new fashion dolls in town!  Spin Master Toys' new Liv brand of fashion dolls is taking over the store shelves and kids are loving them!

Standing approximately 12 inches tall each of the Liv Dolls are fully-articulated for up to 150 poses and come with full clothes and accessories.  With their slightly larger than life-like heads each doll sports incredible face details from full lush lips for the girls, big expressive eyes and delicate noses and chins.  Packaged in clear rectangular bubble packs the dolls are completely visible through the package making it easy for youngsters to choose their favorite-like ALL of them!

Six figures make up the Making Waves set and they include Hayden in her two-piece bathing suit with purse and sunglasses that set off her blond hair, Katie dressed in a two-piece suit of aqua also including sunglasses and matching purse and Alexis in a single piece white, purple and pink swimming suit with oversize purse and sunglasses.  Her dark auburn hair frames her dark skin face and big brown eyes. 

Daniela looks sweet in her blue jean shorts and aqua and white halter top, bright aqua sunglasses and aqua and white purse.  She also wear aqua earrings.  Sophie is a blond hair beauty dressed in a plaid two-piece swimming suit complete with yellow and orange purse and pink sunglasses and oversize red earrings.  Jake wears long plaid shorts, a red tank top and dark sunglasses that almost matches his deep brown hair.  All of the female figures can switch out wigs (sold separately along with other accessories, including more beach stuff). 

Katie, Alexis, Hayden, Daniela and Sophie are also the stars of Twist & Dance.  Each of the girls come dressed in killer outfits that include purses and hair brushes.  Each figure can also be made to dance by pushing a lever up or down while in their package.  Without it out of their packages.  Each can also have their hair style twisted for completely different hair colors.  

Hayden is dressed in gold pumps with matching earrings and bracelet and is dressed in purple slacks with chiffon ruffled blouse.  Katie is all flash in her silver top, green tights and belt and high top purple tennis shoes.  Alexis is ready to dance with her white and black stripped slacks, pink slip-ons, pink sleeveless top and silver bracelet and earrings.

Daniela is all color is her splash of colors tights and blouse, black high tops, gold and silver bracelets, gold earrings and red hairpiece.  Sophie, with her pink and white hair, aqua shimmering top, ruffled skirt and lace tights and pink high heels is ready to party.  And don't forget her oversize silver earrings, aqua hair ribbon and sunglasses.  Classy!

If you feel like flying high, check out Spin Masters' Pocket Copter Military model that has a four-way controller allowing the min-copter to fly indoors.  Twin rotors provide stability and steering power and the package it comes in makes a perfect storage unit for the copter and its controller.  Who says helicopters have to be big?

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