Sunday, July 31, 2011

Safari So Far This Year

It's been 2 to 3 months since I last reviewed any Safari Ltd. figures and since that time they've managed to put out a plethora of products preferred by purchasers of plastic playthings.

For the wild animals appreciator comes a wide selection of primal plastic playthings. Part deer, part horse, part zebra and who knows what else comes the Okapi: a four-legged herbivore with a face and figure only a mother could love.  It may look strange but Safari Ltd. artists capture its likeness perfectly. 

Longhorn or shorthorn Rhinoceros fans are sure to get a thrill from Safari Ltd.'s Indian Rhino and White Rhino.  They may look complacent but you don't want to upset these heavily armored, four-legged animal tanks.

The Llama looks like a cross between a camel and a sheep.  It's beautiful fur is used for a variety of clothing items.  Just be sure not to get in a spitting contest with one.  You'll lose! The American Badger is a squat, gray fur with black accents, clawing machine that is best left alone.  There's a reason for the term "to badger' someone.  It may look cute and cuddly with its pointed ears, fuzzy face and attractive fur, but, never mess with a Bobcat.

And you think you have rodent problems?!  Check out the Capybara: an oversize, sub-nose, and deep brown, rodent of gigantic size. Meep! Meep! The Greater Roadrunner is a fast on its feet bird with a crest atop its head, colorful plumage and long strait tail.  The Life Cycle Of A Honey Bee bubble packed set includes an egg, larva, pupa and fully developed Honeybee with stripped torso and translucent wings.  Pretty sweet. Honeybee?  Honey? Sweet? Get it?

Three domestic animals you need to check out all come from the Equine family.  The Donkey and Donkey Foal are colored a deep brown with off-white muzzles and eye patches and pure white underbelly.  They're so cute!  Of a similar color scheme is the Appaloosa Mare with its long black tail, short mane and oversize white spot on its flank. 

If prehistoric animals are your thing then Safari Ltd. has a quintet of mighty thunder lizards to satisfy your dinosaur desires.

The T-rex is as ferocious as they come with it large open maw, sharp teeth and claws and huge hind legs.  Equally impressive is the knobby hide Carnotaurus with a huge serpentine tail, powerful jaws, horned eye protrusions, long hind legs and miniscule front legs.  Its hide coloration is a beautiful blend of browns, greens, tans and an off-red muzzle.

It may be small, but it's ferocious.  The long claw Guanlong looks like all teeth and claws on legs and shows hints of bird.  The Edmontosaurus consists of multi-tints of tan hide, a long tail, three-toe legs and a comical snout.  Similar in appearance is the Miragaia but with a longer body and large spikes the length of its body and tail. 

On the mythological side is the serpent body Medusa with snakes for her hair. The Cyclops is all muscle and meanness.  He's dressed in leg sandals, breechcloth, leather belt with gold buckle and gauntlets and brandishes a huge mallet.  Don't try to stare down this one eye monstrosity. 
Three heads are better than one.  In the case of the Fire Dragon, three heads only make it meaner.  This stunning tri-head dragon is painted in fire oranges and reds with bony head protrusions, tri-horns, a long tail, short, powerful claws and teeth and with the capability to spit fire as seen by the middle head. 

If you have dinosaurs you need prehistoric plants and the Cyrad fits the bill.  A predecessor of the palm tree its heavy trunk and short fronds make it perfect fodder for the herbivores and study enough to withstand their pummeling.  My dogs went crazy when they encountered the Snapper Flamingo.  Pull the trigger and its pink head snaps open and close.

All of Safari Ltd.'s figures are well crafted, nicely sculpted, expertly painted and detailed and a whole lot of fun to play with or display.  

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