Friday, July 8, 2011

The Time Warrior And The Time Monster

I have a serious case of Doctor Whoitus.  Ever since I rediscovered Doctor Who while watching my local PBS station I can't get enough of the Doctor.  I've checked Doctor who DVDs out from the library, watched earlier episodes on You Tube, bought books, read magazines, searched comic books shops for Doctor Who comics and starting collecting Doctor Who toys from Underground Toys.
Recently two new Doctor Who action figure sets have been released and like all of Underground Toys' Doctor Who play sets, each is amazing.  Figure articulation is second to none, sculpting captures the likeness of whatever Doctor Who figure or supporting cast or alien is represented perfectly and paint application on the figures and accessories is clean and crisp with no bleed over or sloppiness.

These are high-class figures and sets and it shows from the packaging with its clean front viewing panel to its color photos and biographical and informative text on the back.
First up from 1972 comes the Master dressed in all black with his sinister slicked back hair and goatee and hawk-like predatory features.  The Master comes with a Tardis disguised as a state-of-the-art Computer Bank and the Crystal of Kronos, the Master's TCE, and the Doctor's time sensor device.

The disguised Tardis looks like a typical computer from the 1970s with twin large tape reels, recessed control panel and large top mounted cooling vent.  The handheld devices match their larger TV versions, right down to their color and configuration.

'The Time Warrior" Collector's Set includes the Third Doctor dressed impeccably in his green jacket, white ruffled shirt, black bowtie and black pants and shoes.   His unkempt gray hair and aged features look just like the real Doctor.

Linx, the Sontaran is also included.  He stands dressed in his black and silver space suit with large oversized helmet that con be placed over his oversize bald head.  He comes with a small hand weapon and equipment belt while the Doctor comes with his Sonic Screwdriver.  Each figure holds their respective items easily.

A multi-faceted Sontaran spacecraft is included with working front hatch and interior seat and controls for Linx.  When displayed, the contents of the Set look like they come right out of the aforementioned episode.

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