Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Vault #1

A research team searches a strange undersea cavern located close to Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. They believe there is a hidden treasure cache located deep within its stygian depths.

Part treasure hunters and archeologists the team hopes to obtain untold wealth and make history.

With the help of an entrepreneur and his undersea robot they plan to uncover the treasure and secrets the undersea pit holds.

And they do just that; a treasure trove is found, along with encrypted artifacts and a mysterious entrance in the rocks.

Delving further they find a hidden chamber containing a large stone, rectangular sarcophagus. Taking it aboard they x-ray it and are shocked by what they see inside.

The Vault #1 expertly taunts readers as to what they might expect. The story cleverly and meticulously introduces the key players and lays the groundwork to what promises to be a real shocker.

Writer Sam Sarkar, artist Garrie Gastonny and colorist Sakti Yuwono have done a stellar job of bringing true suspense and horror to comic books that few can match. Image Comics presents issue one of a 3-part series that promises to shock and surprise readers.

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