Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colossal Collection Of Action Poses

Of all the facets of drawing comic books that is the most difficult, it is drawing dynamic human figures. Face it; people don’t stand around posing with legs spread apart, arms tensed for action and appearing as if they may leap off a page-until now.

Impact Books presents the most complete photo reference collection ever assembled for comic book and fantasy artists. Inside readers/artists will discover over 1,200 full-color photo action poses of women and men.

From sitting, flying, running, fighting, carrying and using weapons to dynamic foreshortening shots and lighting this book has it all! There are photos of women and men using swords and guns, wearing flowing capes, climbing, putting on cloths writhing in agony, jumping and close-up shots.

Even better, poses are intermingled with actual artwork by top professionals that used the poses as reference for their own work. Three hundred and twenty pages are bulging with visual references. If you draw and want to put that extra 'umph' into your artwork then this is the book for you by Buddy Scalera.

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